1st Quarter Postal

by Al Myers


The results are in!  Two women and six men tackled the 1st Quarter USAWA postal meet with great results.  Ruth Jackson won the overall womens division, with Crystal Diggs second.  Chad Ullom took the overall in the mens division, with Barry Bryan a close runner up.  Congrats to all who competed!

I would like to take “a minute” and make a few comments on these postal meets and the submission of results.  A certified official makes sure you complete the lifts in appropriate manner, but there is no one to supervise the filling out of the result sheet. This is left up to the individual lifter.   I noticed in this meet that there are several instances where a lifter didn’t designate an arm in the result sheet for the one arm lifts.  Not that that is a problem for figuring up your total, but it takes you out of consideration for potential records as they are kept per hand.  Also, make sure the official/officials sign your entry form and it is completed entirely and neatly.

Also – I have no problem with lifters completing the lifts and sending them into Denny if  not a current USAWA member. Enjoy the free meet!  But don’t expect to see your results in the final meet results here on the website if you are not a current USAWA member.  Not sure if you are???? It’s easy to tell – check the membership roster – it’s always up to date.   I WILL NOT notify anyone if this occurs, so please don’t expect that out of me.  I have no interest in being a collection agent for the USAWA.  I got a simple rule – NO PAY, NO PLAY.  Make sure you membership registration is up to date BEFORE you enter if you want to be part of the official tally.

I’m glad to see the USAWA Postal Series Meets continuing in the USAWA.  Thanks again to Denny for taking on the role of Postal Meet Director.  I think this will be another great year for these competitions!


1st Quarter Postal Meet
March 1st-31st, 2014

Meet Director: Denny Habecker

Lifts: Swing – Dumbbell, One Arm, Deadlift – No Thumb, One Arm, and Deadlift – 2 bars

Lifters using a Certified Official:

Ruth Jackson – Certified Official Jarrod Fobes
Crystal Diggs – Certified Official Ruth Jackson
ChadUllom – Certified Official Al Myers
Eric Todd – Certified Official Lance Foster
Barry Bryan – Certified Official Denny Habecker
Denny Habecker – Certified Official Barry Bryan
Lance Foster – Certified Official Eric Todd
Keith Thompson – Certified Official Eric Todd


Ruth Jackson 52 108 55-R 97-R 210 362 539.4
Crystal Diggs 27 134 30-R 60-R 150 240 276.6


Chad Ullom 42 258 135-R 209-R 562 906 729.0
Barry Bryan 56 196 80-R 187.3-R 330.7 598 632.4
Denny Habecker 71 196 60-R 143.3-R 319.7 523 624.0
Eric Todd 39 256 125 210-R 450 785 615.6
Lance Foster 48 334 55 155 310 520 439.9
Keith Thompson 27 228 105 230 —— 335 278.6

NOTES: BWT is bodyweight in pounds. All lifts in pounds. R and L designate arm used. TOT is total pounds lifted. PTS are adjusted points for age and bodyweight correction.