2011 Nationals: Guaranteed FUN!

by Thom Van Vleck

Just a reminder that we are just 3 months out from the USAWA Nationals this year.  I am working hard to make this event memorable in many ways.  It’s my goal to make it the “BEST EVER”!  But that will only happen if YOU come!  It’s the people that make the USAWA special and I NEED you to come to Kirksville this year!

I am getting some donations and I’m working hard to spend every penny of it to make sure this is a good time, but the entry money also goes a long way in making this meet special.  If you have never done this type of thing before, let me tell you, the MORE advance notice you have about who’s coming to the meet the less waste you will have (ordering too many shirts, too much food, etc) and the more efficiently money can be spent on those who come.  So make the commitment today, send me an entry and a check, and trust me when I issue this challenge:

If you can look me in the eye when this contest is over and tell me that it was the WORST you have ever been to, I’ll give you your entry money back (and of course, you have to give back any awards, shirts, or other goodies you got….that’s only fair).  So, have you ever been to a contest with that kind of guarantee?  And you can’t say worst if it’s the ONLY one you’ve been to!

Send in your entry today!!!!!  Thanks!