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Past Worlds Best Lifters

by Al Myers

Last week Andy Tomlin posed this question on the IAWA Facebook Page, “Does anyone have a list of the past Best Lifters at each World Championships?”  I thought this was an EXCELLENT QUESTION considering the upcoming World Championships next weekend.  Of course I knew the answer to this question (all TOP TEN Best Lifters at each World Championships are listed in the history section on this website), but I didn’t answer as to see if anyone else knew the answer.  Then our IAWA President Steve Gardner not ONLY responded with the answer, but provided lots of other information regarding past World Championships!  Steve provided a listing which included past best lifters, as well as the year of the meet, location, meet promoter, and the number of entrants.  Here it is:

1988  Leicester, England  Frank Allen  Adrian Blindt, ENG  39
1989  Philadelphia, USA  John Vernacchio  Steve Schmidt, USA  46
1990  Glasgow, Scotland  William Wright  Rick Meldon, ENG  28
1991  Philadelphia, USA  John Vernacchio  Adrian Blindt, ENG  51
1992  London, England  Ken Edge  Rick Meldon, ENG  36
1993  Boston, USA  Frank Ciavattone  Frank Allen, ENG  45
1994  Burton, England  Steve Gardner  Frank Allen, ENG  36
1995  Cleveland, USA  Howard Prechtel  Bob Hirsh, USA  42
1996  Glasgow, Scotland  William Wright  Steve Angell, ENG  38
1997  Philadelphia, USA  John Vernacchio  Bob Hirsh, USA  47
1998  Leicester, England  Frank Allen  Keith Murdie, ENG  34
1999  Perth, Australia  Frank Lamp  Mike Archer, ENG  32
2000  Boston, USA  Frank Ciavattone  Steve Angell, ENG  51
2001  Glasgow, Scotland  William Wright  Steve Angell, ENG  29
2002  Lebanon, USA  Denny Habecker  Ed Schock, USA  41
2003  Perth, Australia  Frank Lamp  Bill Kappel, AUS  34
2004  Burton, England  Steve Gardner  Rick Meldon, ENG  42
2005  Lebanon, USA  Denny Habecker  Ed Schock, USA  34
2006  Glasgow, Scotland  George Dick  Al Myers, USA  34
2007  Christchurch, New Zealand  Bruce Savage  Peter Phillips, AUS  18
2008  Tamworth, England  Steve Gardner  Rick Meldon, ENG  36
2009  Lebanon, USA  Denny Habecker  Mark Haydock, ENG  16
2010  Glasgow, Scotland George Dick   Chad Ullom, USA  29
2011  Perth, Australia  Peter Phillips  Steve Sherwood, ENG  22