Monthly Archives: October 2012


by Al Myers

The past weekend was a great success for the 2012 IAWA World Championships in Salina, Kansas.  A full meet report will be coming later, but for now, here are the BEST LIFTERS for the 2012 Championships.  Congrats goes to the OVERALL BEST MEN and WOMEN LIFTERS Dan Wagman and Ruth Jackson!!!


Womens Open:  Paula De La Mata
Womens Master:  Ruth Jackson
Womens Overall:  Ruth Jackson
Mens Open: John Mahon
Mens Master 40-44: Chad Ullom
Mens Master 45-49: Lance Foster
Mens Master 50-54: Dan Wagman
Mens Master 55-59: Dave Glasgow
Mens Master 60-64: George Dick
Mens Master 65-69: LaVerne Myers
Mens Master 70-74: Denny Habecker
Mens Master 75-79: Rudy Bletscher
Mens Master 80-84: Art Montini
Mens Master Overall: Dan Wagman
Mens Overall: Dan Wagman
Club Champions: Ledaig AC