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More World Meet News

by Al Myers

The meet results from the 2012 IAWA World Championships have been amended since the initial release of these results, and now everything should be correct.  If you lifted in the meet please check over your listed results to verify that they are correct. If you notice any problems or issues, please notify me so I can investigate the cause of the differences.  One of the beautiful things about website reporting is that changes can easily be made to meet results if errors are found so that EVENTUALLY everything is “dead on” correct.  With written published results – this is not the case. 

I think this blog has finally “put the wrap on” the 2012 Championships.  I still have a few Tshirts left over if anyone wants one – I’ll sell them to you cheap now!  In closing, I would like to include a few words from Steve Gardner that he had to say after the meet:

A FEW WORDS: Before the Championships started, one minutes silence was observed in memory of John Vernachio. This was followed by an Opening Ceremony of the Nations Anthems.The 2012 World Championship was a resounding success thanks to the hard work and organisation by the Promoters Al Myers and Chad Ullom. Everyone that travelled to Salina in Kansas for the 25thOpen World Championships thoroughly enjoyed themselves and this showed on the platform with some excellent lifting and performances. Lots of National and International records were broken over the two days, and Drug Testing was carried out. Al and his family showed terrific hospitality to competitors, especially those travelling from overseas. A special well done to Dan Wagman from Colorado for taking the overall best spot, just ahead of Chad Ullom who finished second overall, and an amazing female performance saw Ruth Jackson forge through to finish third best overall from the whole field. Excellent work by all the loaders and officals helped things to run smooth. Big thanks to Scott Tully for use of the venue and to Darren Barnhart for taking the photographs. At the conclusion of the lifting everyone was treated to a Neck Lifting exhibition by Eric Todd and Chad Ullom where both lifters went over 1000 pounds! As everyone said goodbye and left the venue, the hot topic of conversation was the 2013 World Championships which will take place in Preston, England the first weekend in October, so we hope to see everyone there in 12 months time!

World Meeting Minutes

by Steve Gardner

The IAWA World Council Annual General Meeting – Friday 5th October 7.30pm Salina, Kansas, USA

Roll Call: Steve Gardner, Al Myers, Paula Delamata, Chris Bass, Frank Allen, Chad Ullom, Thom Van Vleck, Mike Murdock, Denny Habecker, Art Montini, George Dick, Janet Dick, Graham Saxton, Toni Saxton, Karen Gardner, Tim Piper, Dawn Piper, Dennis Mitchell, Flossy Mitchell, Bob Geib, Susan Sees, Frank Ciavattone, John Mahon, Sam Trew

Past Minutes:

The Minutes of the 2011 AGM were read and matters arising were discussed …The Lynch bodyweight formula had been extended to 180 kilos – The Power Row had been accepted as a new lift – International Venues were sanctioned for 2013..etc

Election of IAWA New Committee:

Steve Gardner stood down as International President after 12 years (having followed Howard Prechtel who did 12 years) and handed over to Al Myers of the USA.

General Secretary Frank Allen

The IAWA Technical Committee: Dennis Mitchell (USA)  Denny Habecker (USA)  Al Myers (USA)  Steve Gardner (Eng)  Steve Sherwood (Eng)  Peter Phillips (Australia)

International Vice Presidents: USA= Chad Ullom and Denny Habecker, England: Steve Gardner, Scotland: George Dick, Australia: To be announced!

International Events Previously Sanctioned for 2013:World Championships – 5th & 6th October – Preston, England Promoter: Mark Haydock.
Lifts Day 1 = Clean and Press / Cont. Snatch / Straight Arm Pullover / O H Vertical Bar Lift
Lifts Day 2 = Squat / OH Dumbell C & Jerk / Trap Bar Deadlift

Gold Cup – 2nd November – Lebanon, PA, USA – Promoter: Denny Habecker

International Events Sanctioned for 2014:World Championships – first weekend October – Boston, Mass. USA – Promoter – Frank Ciavattone.

Gold Cup: Either…Steve Gardner in Burton, England or George Dick in Glasgow, Scotland (yet to be decided)

There had been no items of business put to the Technical Committee, so nothing further to discuss!

It was agreed that one minutes silence would be held before the start of the 2012 World Championships in memory of John Vernacchio!

Al Myers gave a short talk about the arrangements for the World Championships during the coming weekend

There being no further business, meeting closed at 8.30pm