Monthly Archives: October 2012

Gold Cup Reminder

by Steve Gardner

GOLD CUP – Saturday 3rd November – Castlemilk, Glasgow, Scotland

Andy Tomlin performing a Trap Bar Deadlift. Andy is the co-promoter of the 2012 Gold Cup with Matt Finkle.

All arrangements are looking good, 28 lifters signed up to go for a gold Cup lift, should be a great day! Remember Lifters: The Gold Cup is for one lift for an IAWA World Record. Lifters are allowed to nominate a second choice lift, and they will be allowed to go for this ONLY if they miss with their first nominated lift!

However: If the Promoter decides there is enough available time following completion of the Gold Cup Lifts, then lifters will be allowed to lift off on their second choice lifts as well (But only if there is enough the Evening Meal is at a set time etc)

Following the lifting we may be treated to a ‘one off’ competition between 2 or 3, two man teams, as they will attempt to see who can lift the most weight from the floor using only one hand each.