Monthly Archives: January 2013

You Play Like You Practice

By James R. Fuller

Wasn’t exactly sure how to best mark the lovely below freezing tar I’d be squatting upon for the USAWA National Postal Championships Squat-12” Base event. As my girlfriend looked around for a ruler, I spied a painter’s stir stick. Stick looked to be close to 12”. Tape measure confirmed it. Some irony there, for you  see,  at this time I paint for a living. The stick worked great in its capacity as keeper of the 12” stance. 

A Painter's Stick measures at 12" which makes it a perfect thing to use to gauge your 12" Base Squat!

The Squats went great. Actually, I was more comfortable than expected.  Yes, my left knee prevented me from doing more but, the stance was alright. I don’t think in near 30 years of training have I measured my stance. So, imagine my surprise when I took a good look at the stick after I was done. Look and you’ll see I was using a 9-10” stance.

Years of Olympic Squatting probably is to explain for my comfort level. I’m 5’11” tall so I just naturally assumed a 12” stance would be a squeeze for me. Granted if feet straight ahead was required, I would probably be VERY uncomfortable.  Even though I wanted 400lbs on this lift, 346lbs with a bum knee ain’t too shabby. It does go back to my soccer coach who during practice said, ”You play like you practice!”

Here’s me doing the Squat-12” Base: