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2012 Postal Meet Series

by Al Myers

2012 USAWA Postal Series Champions - Gabby Jobe (left) and Chad Ullom (right).

For the second year now, the USAWA has recognized the “overall” winners from the USAWA Postal Series, which consists of the 4 quarterly postal meets offered throughout the year. I will give a review of how this is scored.  For each meet entered a participant receives points depending on their placing which then “adds up” to a final year total, that determines the Postal Series ranking.  The points earned are based on the number of entrants in each postal meet.  For example, if 10 lifters are entered, the winner receives 10 points and the last place finisher receives 1 point.  This way EVERYONE who enters is guaranteed to earn at least a point toward their year end total.  The Postal Championships are worth DOUBLE POINTS, because it is the Championship afterall and is the pinnacle of the yearly postal meets.

This year was a great year for the USAWA Postal Series.  I am glad to see how this program has taken “a foothold” in the USAWA.   Much of this is due to the efforts of John Wilmot, who FINALLY was given an official title by the USAWA.  Last year at the annual meeting of the USAWA, John was appointed by the membership the official title USAWA Postal Meet Director.  This position was added to the USAWA bylaws outlining the duties which John has done an excellent job of upholding. John sends out certificates to each winner following the individual postal meets, and provides me with a tallied result sheet in a timely manner to be published on the website.  I want to mention as well that this entire program is ran on a “shoe string” budget.  Heck – there’s not even a budget since there is no entry fees charged to the entrants and thus NO INCOME to fund it!!!

Now for the BIG WINNERS of the 2012 Postal Meet Series:

WOMEN – Gabby Jobe

MEN – Chad Ullom


1.  Gabby Jobe –  5 points
2.  Molly Myers – 3 points
3.  Bri Ullom – 2 points


1.  Chad Ullom – 66 points
2.  Orie Barnett – 56 points
3.  Troy Goetsch – 51 points
4. Bryan Benzel – 47 points
5.  Sam Rogers – 39 points
6.  Eric Todd – 36 points
7.  Jesse Jobe – 30 points
8.  Joe Ciavattone Jr. – 28 points
9.  Tim Songster – 25 points
10.  Les Cramer – 25 points

Altogether, there were 24 total lifters that competed in at least one of the Postal Series Meets.  This included 21 men, and 3 women (or girls!).  I always want to mention the lifters that competed in ALL of the postal meets offered during the year – this year that included 6 lifters!  So special recognition for this commitment goes to Chad Ullom, Orie Barnett, Sam Rogers, Denny Habecker, Gabby Jobe, and the Postal Meet Director himself John Wilmot.

It was a great year for the USAWA Postal Meets!  I hope the coming year will yield the same (or better!) response.  Within the next few days I will release the details and entry forms for the upcoming 2013 Postal Meets.

Cancer Benefit by Powerhouse Gym

(WEBMASTER:  The Powerhouse Gym in Burton, England recently did a weightlifting fundraiser for Breast Cancer and Cancer Research.  The following writeup was done by Steve on the IAWA(UK) Facebook page, but I feel it is noteworthy to on the USAWA website as well.  Well done to Powerhouse Gym!!!)

by Steve Gardner

Powerhouse Gym Charity Weightlifting Record Attempt

Participants in the Charity Benefit from the Powerhouse Gym.

At 6pm on Monday 14th January 2013, ten members of the Powerhouse Gym took part in an epic attempt to lift as much weight as they could in three hours and nine minutes: as per the IAWA World Record criteria. The event was run to raise money for Charity as well as for the individuals to attempt to set new records in the lift. To complete the challenge the lifters used the hand and thigh lift with varying weights from 50, 100 and 150 kilos for repetitions. As the event proceeded the lifters grip started to suffer and were callouses torn, with a great added pressure on the referees and organising officials as the constant counting and officiating of all the repetitions, and keeping the lifting to a regular order, making sure every attempt w…as properly completed and recorded, took its toll. The last 30 minutes was at fever pitch as lifters used every last ounce of enthusiasm to complete as many lifts as possible within the time, and when it was all over the officials and lifters were mentally shattered as well as physically.

Promotion for the Charity Lift Off.

At the end of the event, the team had amassedan amazing total of One Million, Nine Hundred and Eighty One Thousand and Seven Hundred Kilos (1,981,700.00) a mind boggling amount. Karen and Steve the main organisers of the event are very proud of the lifters who completed the challenge and now hope to be IAWA record holders with: Paula De La Mata 45,500.00 Jason Dorn 199,250.00 Graham Saxton 182,000.00 Mark Price 264,000.00 Simon 232,000.00 Luke Davis 268,000.00 James Gardner 300,000.00 and John Gardner 337,000.00.

Hopefully the team will have raised a good sum of money for Breast Cancer and Cancer research and we will keep people informed once we have the grand total, and Karen will arrange for a representative from the Cancer unit at Burton Hospital to come along and receive the money – Once again..Well done all, and a big thanks to all who sponsored the team!!