Monthly Archives: April 2013

Milk Shake Challenge

by Roger LaPointe

Magazine advertisement for Hoffman's Super Hi-Proteen.

The old York Barbell gym had one of the first in-house “smoothie” operations.  They just called them protein shakes.  These were a big source of inspiration for friendly betting on lifts, particularly on Saturdays.

You see, Hoffman would come in on Saturdays.  It wasn’t so much that he would coach, but he handed out money.  Certain York lifters might get a $20, or possibly more, if they did a really great lift.  That meant that many lifters who did not have a contest that weekend would be maxing out.  Even if there wasn’t a possibility for cash, there was always the challenge possibility with your buddy.

Andy doesn’t know it yet, but he is going to get a challenge from me today.  Andy is 5 years my junior and he has 50 pounds in bodyweight on me, but I think I can take him in overhead squats.  I will let him choose, max weight or reps.  We shall see…
I just talked with Fred Lowe about the old York shakes on Facebook.  Here is what he said: ”Oh, it was just milk, a scoop of ice cream, some hi-protein, maybe some flavoring or berries. “   They were no more than a dollar.