Record List


The USAWA Record List and Team Record List  is available as a PDF for download.  The date that the list was last updated is listed beside the record list files.  The Record List file is large (9 MB)  so there may be problems with downloading with some systems.  Any questions regarding the record list should be directed to Al Myers (  Age group and bodyweight classes are noted with age in years and bodyweight in kilograms.  “ALL” stands for the overall record for a bodyweight class.  “M” and “F” designate male and female divisions. “NAT” is the bodyweight class record for the National Championships.

RECORD LIST -PDF (Updated May 6th, 2015)

RECORD LIST – PDF (Updated April 1st, 2015)

TEAM RECORDS – PDF (Updated September 3rd, 2014)


Chris Bass is the IAWA Records Registrar.  Chris lives in Grimsby, England and operates the All Round Weightlifting Club, the Haven Gymnasium.  He maintains a current IAWA World Record List, which includes records of all official IAWA lifts. This Record List is available here (as a PDF):