And we have a WINNER!

by Al Myers

Over a week ago when I announced this writing competition to find the best “secret tip or training idea” I wasn’t sure how it would fly.  Would anyone even participate??  I didn’t want it to look like I was trying to bride people to write for the Daily News (when truth be known that is probably a correct assumption!).  I was SO impressed when I received 4 EXCELLENT website stories from Thom Van Vleck, John McKean, Joe Garcia and Scott Tully.

Next – I left the vote up to the membership.   Would anyone even take the time to send in a vote?  Or is anyone really even reading all this garble that I turn out?  I have to admit I was a little nervous!  However, all my worry was for naught and the votes came flying in!!  Close to half the USAWA membership must have cast a vote, and the votes were for ALL the stories!  Not one author dominated.  In fact, it was a tie till last night when the last vote came in to determine who won a set of my hanging dumbbell handles.  Now THAT is a vote that counts!!!!

It’s time to announce the winner..  and the winner is….(drumroll)…..John McKean!!!!