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By Bill Clark



Meet Details:

Dates: December 19 and 20

Meet Promoter: Bill Clark

Location: Clarks Gym, Columbia, MO

Weighins: 4 PM each day

Lifting: 5 PM each day

Entry Fee: None

Awards: None

2016 USAWA membership required. Record attempts on 5 lifts outside the lifts being contested will be allowed.  This meet is a tribute to the 25 lift meets between the US and England in the mid-1980’s, which were the foundation of the USAWA and the IAWA.

The lifts to be contested:

2-man Fulton Bar DL
2-man RH Deadlift
2-man LH Deadlift
2-man Deadlift
Reg Park BP
Left Hand Bench Press
Right Hand Bench Press
2 Bar Deadlift
3 Inch Bar DL
Good Morning
1 Hand Hand and Thigh
Roman Chair Situp
2 Arm Swing
Left Arm Swing
Right Arm Swing
Vertical Bar DL – 2″, 2 Bars
Vertical Bar DL – 2″, 1 Bar, Right Hand
Vertical Bar DL – 2″, 1 Bar, Left Hand
2 Hands Anyhow with Dumbbell
Deadlift – Ring Fingers
Deadlift – Index Fingers
Deadlift – Middle Fingers
Deadlift – Little Fingers
Miller Clean and Jerk

Entry deadline December 1st. Contact Bill Clark for entry at 573-474-4510

Team Championships

By Al Myers

The 2016 USAWA Team Championships have been rescheduled after the cancellation in September.  This Championship Event has had a continuous run in the USAWA since 2007 – so this marks the 10th year anniversary of the Team Championships.


Meet Director: Al Myers

Meet Date: Saturday, December 17th, 2016

Meet Time: 1:00 PM – 5:00 PM

Location: Dino Gym, 1126 Eden Road, Abilene, KS 67410

Sanction: USAWA Membership required

Weigh-Ins: Noon the day of the meet

Divisions: 2-Man, 2-Person (man & woman), and 2-Women

Entry Fee: None


Hackenschmidt Floor Press

Deadlift – Fulton Bar, One Arm

Deadlift – Stiff Legged

Registration:  There is no entry form or entry deadline, but please let me know ahead of time if you plan to attend so I can make the proper preparations. I can be reached at

Double Decathlon

By Al Myers

MEET RESULTS – Bill Clark’s Double Decathlon

Yesterday in the snail mail I received the results from Bill Clark’s meet, the Double Decathlon, which was held on October 10th and 11th. This meet challenged lifters over an array of 20 different odd lifts over 2 consecutive days in the middle of the week with lifting starting at 5 PM each day. Two USAWA registered lifters lifted – Bill Clark and Joe Garcia. Two other non-registered lifters also took part, but are not listed in the official meet results because they are not members of the USAWA.


Bill Clark’s Double Decathlon
October 10th and 11th, 2016
Clark’s Gym
Columbia, MO

Meet Director: Joe Garcia

Meet Officials: (1-official system used) Joe Garcia and Bill Clark


Joe Garcia  Age 63, BWT Day 1 210 lbs. Day 2 211 lbs.
Bill Clark  Age 84 BWT Day 1 223 lbs. Day 2 224 lbs.

Lifts Day 1  Joe Garcia  Bill Clark
Deadlift, Reeves  235  165
Pinch Grip  100  60
Deadlift-Fulton DB, 1 Arm
Deadlift – Ciavattone  305 165
Deanna  325 235
Anderson Squat  315
VB Deadlift – 2 Bars, 1″  315 215
Kennedy Lift  315 315
Rectangular Fix, Fulton Bar  70  28
Saxon Snatch  75  —
Lifts Day 2
Peoples Deadlift  325 275
Pinch Grip, One Hand  50R  30R
Bearhug  205  80
Dinnie Lift  523  253
Anderson Press  205  —
VB Deadlift – 1 bar, 1″, 1 Hand  210R  180R
Weaver Stick  4.4R  2.5R
Shoulder Drop  65  —
Ziegler Clean  85  —
Piper Squat  45  —
Total Weight  3882.4  1838.5
Adjusted Points  4254.7  2342.9

Note: All lifts recorded in pounds. R and L designate right and left arms.

Extra record day lifts for record:
Bill Clark: Deadlift – Fulton Bar, Left Arm  90 lbs.
Bill Clark: Vertical Bar DL – 1 bar, 1″, Left Arm  180 lbs.
Bill Clark: Hip Lift 725 lbs.

Sanction Protocol

by Al Myers

I have been getting some sanction requests as of recent where the proper protocol of sanctioning meets has not been followed.  Nothing that has been a major problem – but I want to take time today to OUTLINE the proper procedures in applying for a meet sanction.  I am bound by the USAWA Rules and Bylaws to grant USAWA meet sanctions according to certain guidelines, which must be followed. The following are the most important stipulations from the USAWA Rulebook and the USAWA Bylaws:

VIII. The Competition

3.  To be an official sanctioned USAWA event, an application for meet sanction must be completed and returned with the sanction fee to the USAWA Secretary for approval by the executive board.
4.  All sanction requests must be sent in for approval at least 30 days prior to the scheduled event.
5. All sanctioned competitions must have a Meet Director.   A single person or multiple people may be assigned the Meet Director. This position is stated on the sanction application. The Meet Director will be the contact for the USAWA Secretary.
8.  The Meet Director is responsible for verifying that all competitors are current USAWA members, and must submit new member applications along with the membership dues to the USAWA secretary.
11.  The Meet Director will select the lifts for the meet as outlined in the sanction application.  The lifts may be official lifts of the USAWA or exhibition lifts.  Exhibition lifts are not eligible for records, but may be used in scoring for the competition.


A.   All USAWA Competitions and/or events must be sanctioned.
B.  The sanction fee is $30 and must be sent to the Secretary/Treasurer for approval.
C.  The sanction request form must be completely filled out and signed by the contact individual for the competition/event.
D.  Sanctioned USAWA competitions and/or events must not be sanctioned with any other organization (with the exception of the IAWA).  Violation of this will result in loss of USAWA sanction.

It is very important that when a sanction form is sent to me for approval, that ALL the necessary information be present.  This is the checklist:

  • Sanction Form filled out, signed, and dated
  • Entry Form or list of events, date of competition, time schedule, and location
  • Announcement for the website
  • Include the Sanction Fee of $30

It is also not a wise thing to announce a meet in other avenues before your sanction request has been approved. That is getting the “cart in front of the horse”.   There are several reasons why a sanction request might be denied – and all for good reasons.  An example would be if you picked a meet date that fell on the same day as one of our USAWA Championships, or our National Championships.  It has been the policy of the USAWA not to have local meets interfere with these big meets.  Another reason a sanction request might be denied is that you want to have the meet before “the 30 day window” of time (See rule VIII.4 above).  This time period was put in the Rulebook for this reason – to give adequate time for ANYONE to make arrangements to attend the meet.   We are trying to run an upstanding organization, and having meets “pop up” on short notice looks bad, and doesn’t give our meet schedule any credibility.  I will stick to this rule, and will deny sanctions for meets under the 30 day notice.  Like the old saying goes, “your lack of planning DOES NOT constitute an emergency on my part!” (OK – maybe that’s MY ole saying).

A sanction is official once the meet/event has been put on the USAWA website’s schedule of events.  If you want to put on a meet, don’t hesitate to contact me prior to sending in the sanction request.  I will do my best to help you with this process.  If these Sanction Rules are followed, I won’t have to be the “bad guy” by turning down sanction requests;  but it’s my job to follow and enforce the rules and bylaws set forth by the USAWA.

Protocol for Meet Results

By Al Myers

There has always been some inconsistencies in how meet results have been turned in to me. Usually this is not a big problem as if I have questions I will send emails or make phone calls to get the answers.  However if some pertinent information that is required is missing  – lifts may not be eligible for records as this information is needed for the record list.  So what I’m saying today is important!

Simply put – this is the format I would like to see all meet results submitted to me to follow:


Name of Meet
Location of Meet
Date of Meet

Meet Director:  “Name”

Meet Announcer/Scorekeeper: “Name”

Meet Officials: “first state whether the 1-official or 3-official was used, and list names of all officials.  Only list certified USAWA officials.”

Lifts: “list events in order they occurred and use the OFFICIAL USAWA name for the lifts as stated in the USAWA Rulebook.”


 Lifter Age BWT Lift1 Lift2 TOT PTS


 Lifter Age BWT Lift1 Lift2 TOT PTS

TOT is total pounds or kilograms lifted. PTS are overall adjusted points corrected for age and bodyweight adjustments.

Other information that is very important and needs to be included with meet results:

  • Lifters names spelled correctly in meet results
  • For record days make sure to identify lifters as male or female
  • Make clear whether the lifts were recorded in pounds or kilograms
  • If a lift is a one arm lift, make sure to state right or left arm used
  • Only submit results for lifters that are USAWA members! Submitting results for non-members may result in meet sanction being revoked
  • Age must be declared in years. Do not submit age group only.
  • Bodyweight must be submitted in pounds or kilograms. Do not submit bodyweight class only.
  • Always list lifts with official USAWA name as specified in Rulebook

I’ve made a PDF of these guidelines for meet promoters to print off – meet-result-protocols

I’ve also included this meet result protocol page  under the section “forms and applications” for easy reference.


I should recieve meet results the following week after a weekend competition. After that it is “old news” and appears to me that the meet results must not be that news worthy and/or important to the promoter. I’m very busy myself yet I always get the results on the website within a couple of days of recieving them, so that’s not an excuse to me.


Turning in accurate meet results is the responsibility of the promoter. To many times errors are found after the meet results have been published.  This creates additional work for me to edit these mistakes after the meet results are on the website.

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