Award Candidates

by Al Myers

First, I want to thank everyone who made nominations and showed support to the USAWA Awards Program. I was overwhelmed by the number of nominations made – and the many athletes that were nominated.  One category had 7 athletes nominated – with EVERY ONE of them deserving of the award.  Now we will have to make the hard decision of picking just ONE athlete per award by having a membership vote.  I narrowed the candidates down to two per category, with the two being the ones that had the most nominations.  I listed them in alphabetical order (according to last name) so the order is NOT associated with their number of nominations.  I also want to point out that being the RUNNER-UP of these awards is quite an honor, and no one should feel disappointed even if they are not selected.  As I have said earlier, these kind of awards are the ones that mean the most as they are selected by your peers.  Anyone who is a current USAWA member is eligible to place a vote – so take the time and cast a vote.  Votes are to be sent to me at  The deadline for votes is May 26th – the same as the deadline for your National Championship Entry! These awards will be announced at the National Meeting.

Athlete of the Year

Al Myers
Chad Ullom

Leadership Award
Bill Clark
Al Myers

Sportsmanship Award
Denny Habecker
Art Montini

Courage Award
Frank Ciavattone
Dale Friesz

Newcomer Award
Dave Glasgow
Kohl Hess