Business Agenda for Meeting

by Al Myers

The following is the business agenda for the 2010 National Meeting, to be held June 26th immediately following the lifting on Saturday at the 2010 National Championships.

1.  Meeting called to order by USAWA President Denny Habecker.

2.  Reading of previous meetings minutes by USAWA Secretary Al Myers.

3.  Report of financial status by USAWA Treasurer Al Myers.

4.  Report from the Official’s Chairman Joe Garcia.

5.  Report from the Record’s Chairman Joe Garcia.

6.  Report from the Website Director Al Myers.

7.  Discussion and vote on proposed bylaws that were developed by the bylaws  ad hoc committee of Al Myers, Joe Garcia and Tim Piper.

8.  Discussion and vote on the new Hall of Fame Program developed by the HOF ad hoc committee of Denny Habecker, Dale Friesz and Dennis Mitchell.

9.  Discussion and vote on 5 new proposed lifts.

10.  Discussion and vote on Rulebook changes.

11.  Election of two executive board members to a one year term.

12.  Appointment of the Drug Enforcement Director and the Awards Director.

13.  Discussion of other business brought forth by the membership.

14.  Award the special USAWA awards.

15.  Accept bids and vote on venue for next year’s National Championship.

16.  Meeting adjourned.