Bylaws Updates

by Al Myers

We had our first bylaws change since the new USAWA bylaws were approved in 2010.  The bylaws outline how the USAWA operates as an organization, and are available for anyone to see.  They are included in the back of a printed Rulebook, as well as included in the Rulebook section on this website.  The changes that were made were:

1.  Add a new article to establish a USAWA Postal Meet  Director with this description:

                ARTICLE ##  – Duties of the Postal Meet Director

  1. Organize the quarterly Postal Meet Series for the USAWA, with the final postal meet being the USAWA National Postal Meet Championships.  This includes the selection of lifts for each competition and providing an entry form for each competition.
  2. Provide the tallied scoresheet of these meets to the USAWA Website Director for announcement of the results.

2.   Raise Club Dues and Sanction Fees to $30.

A Bylaw change requires a 2/3rd vote of the membership (versus majority vote for rule changes).  This didn’t make a difference as both of these changes received a unanimous vote in favor.  I was really for adding a Postal Meet Director as one of the directorships in the USAWA.  The USAWA Quarterly Postal Series has been very successful in the USAWA over the past few years, mostly due to the efforts of John Wilmot.  Immediately after this new bylaw was approved, I moved to name OFFICIALLY John Wilmot as the Postal Meet Director, which received full support from the membership.  He deserves that title, especially since he has been acting in that capacity for the organization.  I also included in the motion to have the USAWA Postal Series competition be sanctioned by the USAWA (so John won’t have to spend his money to promote these meets for the USAWA).  He’s doing enough the way it is. 

The other issue of raising club dues and meet sanction fees to $30 is long overdue.  We have been charging only $10 for this since the beginning, and that fee is wildly out of date!  In fact it has been so low, that I have wondered if that is the reason people sanctioning meets have not been taking this process very seriously.  From now on, sanctions will not be approved until I receive that $30 fee. 

These bylaws take effect immediately. Changes have been in these applications to reflect these increased rates.