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Financial Matters

By Al Myers

After re-reading yesterday’s blog today, it made me wonder if people are thinking the USAWA is “down and out” and needing money!  That is not the case.  The USAWA is very financially sound and has been for many years.  I have been the treasurer since 2009 and we have the same amount of money in our USAWA bank account now as we had then. So if anyone is worrying that the USAWA is going broke – DON’T WORRY.  We are fine and even have a little extra for an “emergency fund” if needed.

Every year I put together a financial report  of the income/expenses for the previous year.  As required by our USAWA bylaws, I present this report to the Executive Board for audit every year.  I think this process is essential as the financial matters of a non-profit organization should not be a secret and the treasurer should be held accountable for doing things right.   I also present a summary of this financial report at our Annual National Meeting.  The membership should know how the money is being spent!

Membership Required

By Al Myers

The biggest financial support of the USAWA comes from individual memberships in the USAWA. Membership fees are critical for our organization to survive.  All membership fees go into the USAWA bank account – there’s no money siphoned off for administrative fees.  In turn, all of the money the USAWA spends goes back to the membership in one form or another. We operate on a “bare bones” budget.  It’s so bare there’s no areas anywhere where cuts could be made without taking away services the USAWA offers to the membership.

Today I want to emphasize how important it is for meet directors to ensure that the lifters in their USAWA meets join the USAWA.  The following rule is part of the USAWA Rulebook.

VIII. The Competition

11. The Meet Director is responsible for verifying that all competitors are current USAWA members, and must submit new member applications along with the membership dues to the USAWA secretary immediately after an event. Failure to do so may result in loss of meet sanction following a competition or event.

It should be an obvious assumption that you must be a current member of the USAWA in order to receive the benefits of an USAWA sanctioned event.  And a member THE DAY OF the competition – not the next day or the next month or the next year.  Current means RIGHT NOW.  I will leave lifters off meet results if they entered a competition and are not a member of the USAWA the day of the meet.  I’ve heard a meet director complain that his lifters didn’t get listed because of a technicality.  Well, not being a current member the day of the meet is NOT A TECHNICALITY.  That’s a rule violation.  A technicality would be forgetting to sign your membership application, or forgetting to list your zip code on your membership application. I have never disqualified someone for those things. In those instances I notify the lifter in question to redo their application so it’s right (assuming the payment is good!!!).

As stated in the rules it’s the meet directors responsibility to make sure everyone is a member. Most lifters register before they enter a competition, but if not a meet director should collect membership applications and dues the day of the meet.  Now it’s super easy to confirm membership status (membership roster is always up to date on this website).  Then come Monday morning after a weekend event mail the applications and dues to me.  I know the mail can be slow at times, but by the end of the week I should have everything “in hand”.  I give a 1 week “in the mail” buffer, but after that time it’s obvious to me that it was not taken care of when it should have been.  Then it’s too late. And not my problem.

Now if a meet director wants to let someone enter a USAWA meet they’re promoting who is not a member that’s their business, but DON’T include this lifter in the meet results you send to me because then it becomes mine and the USAWA’s business.  Just leave the lifter out of the results.

Enough said.

Timo – The Man with Strong Middle Fingers

By Al Myers

Timo Lauttamus, Finland, pulling the TOP ALL TIME Middle Fingers Deadlift at the 2014 IAWA Gold Cup.

Timo Lauttamus, Finland, pulling the TOP ALL TIME Middle Fingers Deadlift at the 2014 IAWA Gold Cup.

I can’t complete my epitome on the Middle Fingers Deadlift without mentioning the BEST Middle Finger Deadlifter in IAWA history.  This man is the Finland Strongman, Timo Lauttamus. Timo has been a regular in IAWA international competitions these past few years.  Anyone who has been to recent Worlds and Gold Cups know him.  He has been putting on amazing shows at Gold Cups with the strength he has in his fingers.

Timo hold the TOP IAWA World Record in the Middle Fingers Deadlift with an astounding lift of 183 kilograms (403 pounds).  This was done in front of several witnesses and top level IAWA officials at the 2014 Gold Cup in Burton Upon Trent, England.  I was glad that I was there to see it as well! Timo at the time was 35 years old and weighed in at 98.7 kilograms.

Often when saying someone in the best at something all time it is a debatable issue.  This is not the case with Timo and his Middle Finger Deadlifting in IAWA. I can’t see anyone arguing with me on this!

Member Club Certificates

By Al Myers

We have several very active registered clubs in the USAWA.  A goal of mine that I had when I became secretary of the USAWA and director of this website was to strengthen our club program.  The reason for that is that I believe clubs are vital for the growth and survival of the organization.  Active clubs do more USAWA promotions and recruit more lifters to All Round Weightlifting. Lifting in a club environment encourages lifters to be more involved, as well as enjoying the camaraderie of training together. Lifters that are members of clubs with  senior members have huge advantages by having proper coaches.

I keep a current list of Member Clubs on this website. It’s located under “About Us” in the top header. Right now for 2017 we have 8 clubs registered. This is the list, which I’m going to list in order of number of years as a registered club of the USAWA.

1. Clark’s Championship Gym (1989-2017) 29 YEARS
2. Ambridge VFW Barbell Club (1993-2017) 25 YEARS
3. Dino Gym (2003-2017) 15 YEARS
4. Frank’s Barbell Club (2010-2017) 8 YEARS
5. Habecker’s Gym (2010-2017) 8 YEARS
6. Schmidt Barbell Club (2010-2017) 8 YEARS
7. Ledaig Heavy Athletics (2010-2017) 8 YEARS
8. Heartland Strength Sports (2009-2010, 2016-2017) 4 YEARS

I’m still waiting on a couple clubs to register for 2017 (JWC and KC Strongman) as they have been registered the past few years. I know their memberships will be coming in any day now….hint….hint…

I just spent some time making and putting Club Certificates on the website for these member clubs.  Simply print them off and hang them on the wall of the gym to show your support for the USAWA!

Heavy Lift Championships

By Al Myers


This picture of Frank doing a heavy Harness Lift hangs on the wall of Frank's Barbell Club. I took a picture of it the last time I was at his gym because it answers a basis question. What do you do when you lift so much the bar isn't big enough? Well - you tape on more!!!

This picture of Frank doing a heavy Harness Lift hangs on the wall of Frank’s Barbell Club. I took a picture of it the last time I was at his gym because it answers a basic question. What do you do when you lift so much the bar isn’t big enough? Well – you tape on more!!!

The Heavy Lift Championships are heading back to Boston!  And what better place than the home of the Super Bowl Champs New England Patriots! (had to throw that in for you Rocky! haha) The meet has just been sanctioned for May 13th, 2017.  The co-meet promoters for this Championships are Mark Raymond and Rocky Morrison.  The Walpole area of Boston has always been a “hotbed” of heavy lifting with the chain lifts.  The meet will be held at Frank’s Barbell Club.  Frank is legendary as a heavy lifter and has all the equipment needed. Frank has promoted several Heavy Lift Championships through the years (2013, 2005, 2002, 1999, 1998 ).  Frank has also won the OVERALL BEST LIFTER at 5 of these Championships (2005, 2004, 2002, 1999, & 1998). That’s a heavy resume!  I was at Frank’s last promotion of the Heavy Lift Championships in 2013.  It was an unbelievable event.  I know Mark and Rocky will put on an event that will be just as good.  I noticed from the entry form and announcement that there will be a backyard cookout afterwards. That alone is worth going for!

The deadline for entry is April 22nd. Please get your entry in on time so they know how many lifters to plan for.


Entry Form 2017 Heavy Lift Championships

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