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Heavy Lift Championships

By Eric Todd

Meet Announcement:

The USAWA Heavy Lift Championship

The 2018 USAWA Heavy Lift Championship will be hosted by KCSTRONGMAN on Saturday, May 5, 2018. It will be at my training facility out in God’s Country, USA.  The traditional 3 heavy lifts will be contested: The neck lift, the hand and thigh, and the hip lift.  I will have my neck lift and hip lift belt available, though they are made for my proportions, so feel free to bring your own.  The Heavy Lift Championship goes back just about as far as any meet in the USAWA.  This is our second time of hosting it, and we hope to do so in a fashion that will uphold its place as one of the most prestigious championships in the organization.  I have said it before (many times) but would feel remiss if someone who has not been before signed up in the hopes of lifting in a pristine facility.  My place is not that.  It is hot in the summer and cold in the winter.  The floor is gravel, and there is an outhouse out back.  However, we have over a ton of 100# plates, and a boat load of assorted change, more than enough for the best of the best hip lifters.  I will post directions on the forum when we get closer.  Do not put my address in GPS; it will not get you here.  Hope some of you all can make it out to make this one of the best Heavy Lifts in history!

ENTRY FORM (word) –  Heavy Lift Entry

ENTRY FORM (PDF) –  Heavy Lift Entry

National Championships

By Al Myers



The USAWA National Championships will be going to Cocoa Beach!

The USAWA National Championships will be held at Cocoa Beach!

The date has been set and plans are underway for this years USAWA National Championships.  For the first time in USAWA history, the Nationals will be held in Florida! The plans for this all started on the trip back from Nationals last year in Cleveland.  After I received the bid for the 2018 Nationals, a young lifter from the Dino Gym, Cody Lokken,  said he would sure like to help have the meet where he is moving to in Cocoa Beach, Florida.  Well, that really got me interested – and now it’s going to happen!

Cody is going to be assisting me with this promotion and will be my “inside man” on location in Cocoa Beach securing a venue location and banquet location.  I will do all the admistrative stuff – collect entry forms, getting tshirts made, awards, etc.

The lifts have been selected and approved by the Executive Board.  The lifts are:

Curl – Cheat
Snatch – 1 Arm
Pullover and Press
Deadlift – 1 Arm
Zercher Lift

It will be a one day event this year.  The banquet will follow the Championships on Saturday.  The National Meeting will be planned for Friday night.  Cocoa Beach is just a short drive from Orlando (1 hour), and if you aren’t driving would be the best airport to fly into. Details on venue location and banquet location will be released at a later time.

This meet would be the ideal excuse to plan a summer vacation to Florida this summer.  I’m working on trying to get past IAWA President, Steve Gardner, to attend to be our guest announcer.  Steve is the MASTER WITH THE MIC and if this can happen will be a special treat for our organization.  So take today, put Nationals on your lifting calendar, so you can enjoy a great day of lifting and spending some time in the sun on Cocoa Beach!

USAWA Nationals Entry Form (PDF) –  2018 National Championships Entry Form


By Al Myers

Dumbbell Walk Handle

Dumbbell Walk Handle

The Dumbbell Walk Handle has been added to the USAWA Online Store. The Dumbbell Walk is a very unique grip lift in the USAWA, and has been tested many times at the USAWA Grip Championships.  This Dumbbell Walk Handle conforms to the rules for the Dumbbell Walk, which is an official lift of the USAWA. The USAWA rules for the Dumbbell Walk require a lifter to carry this large (3.5″) diameter dumbbell with one hand over the distance of 10 feet! It is a great test of gripping strength, and anything over 100 pounds in the Dumbbell Walk is considered a very good lift.

It can be found in the USAWA Online Store, under the heading of “Spec Equipment”.


By Denny Habecker



The results of the final USAWA postal competition, the Postal Championships, is wrapped up.The Championships had very good participation, with 15 men and 3 women lifters. The  Champion in the Men’s Division was Tony Patterson and the Champion in the Women’s Division was Kim Lydon.

Meet Results:

2017 Postal Championships
December 31st, 2017

Meet Director: Denny Habecker

Lifts: 1 Hand 2″ Vertical Bar Deadlift, One Hand Dumbbell Swing, Trap Bar Deadlift

Lifters that used a certified official:
Chad Ullom –  Official Al Myers
Tony Patterson – Officials  Frank Ciavattone, Rocky Morrison
Al Myers  – Official  Laverne Myers
Eric Todd – Official Lance Foster
Mark Raymond – Officials  Frank Ciavattone, Rocky Morrison
Chris Todd  – Officials  Eric Todd, Lance Foster
Laverne Myers  – Official Al Myers
Barry Bryan – Official Denny Habecker
Lance Foster – Official Eric Todd
Barry Pensyl – Officials Denny Habecker, Barry Bryan
Aidan Habecker – Officials – Denny Habecker, Barry Bryan
Dave Gago – Officials – Frank Ciavattone, Rocky Morrison
Denny Habecker -Official Barry Bryan
Frank Ciavattone – Official Rocky Morrison
Kim Lydon – Officials Frank Ciavattone, Rocky Morrison
Crystal Diggs – Official R.J. Jackson

Lifters using a non-certified judge
John Douglas
R.J. Jackson


LIFTER        AGE       BWT        V.B.         SWING       TRAP BAR         TOT         PTS

Kim             27         153        110 R         60 R            225               395       415.14


R.J.             56         107         113 L         57 R             0                 170       265.98


Crystal        31         165         60 L           30 R             0                   90        90.15



Tony           55         175        212 R         120 R           480                812       910.17


Al Myers      51        231         180 R         110 R           485                775       717.66

Chad           46        247         187 R         110 R           518                815       696.33


John           54        312         175 R          110 R           505                790       648.39


Barry         69         150         101 R          55 R             286                442       612.06


Laverne     73         239         180 R          55 R             308                 543       590.82


Eric Todd   42         260         125 R          135 R           465                 725       581.12

Barry        59         190          154 R          77 R            352                 523       577.70


Mark        54          245          170 R          50 R            380                 600       553.24


Aidan       14         156           160 R          44 R            220                 424       528.28


Dave       60         165            100 R         30 R             280                 410       496.94


Denny     75         186             94 R           55 R            242                 391       495.54


Chris       38         272            115 R          90 R            370                 575        437.69


Lance     52          330            145 R          55 R            280                  480        385.59


Frank     62          292            150 R           22 R            198                 370         334.68


Notes: Age is recorded in years. BWT is bodyweight in pounds. TOT is total pounds lifted. PTS are overall points adjusted for age and bodyweight corrections.

2018 Postal Lineup

By Al Myers

The entire 2018 Postal Series Meets have been announced.  The USAWA has had a long history of promoting postal meets, and for the last several years have hosted a Postal Series, consisting of 4 quarterly Postal Meets with the last one being the Postal Championships.

The promotion of these meets are done by the USAWA, under the direction of the Postal Meet Director Denny Habecker.  All scoresheets are to be sent to Denny as he does the formula calculations for the final meet standings. There is no entry fee to enter the USAWA Postal Meets. The Postal series is sponsored by the USAWA.  However, you must be a current member of the USAWA to participate.

Postal Meets are a great way to get introduced to All Round Weightlifting. Denny picks a variety of different lifts for each meet.  Rules for the lifts are found in the USAWA Rule Book, which is available for free download from the website.

Now for the lifts of this years Postal Series!

1st Quarter Postal Meet – January 1st to March 31st
Clean and Press – Heels Together
Snatch – From Hang
Clean and Jerk – One Arm

2nd Quarter Postal Meet – April 1st to June 30th
Bench Dip
Pullover – Bent Arm
Deadlift – One Arm

3rd Quarter Postal Meet – July 1st to September 30th
Lateral Raise – Standing
Snatch – 2 Dumbbells
Deadlift – 2 Dumbbells

Postal Championships – October 1st to December 31st
Lateral Raise – Lying
Deadlift – No Thumbs, Overhand Grip
Continental to Belt

All entry forms for the USAWA Postal Meets are found in upcoming events in the right column of the website homepage.

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