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By Eric Todd


The turnout was small, but it was an outstanding day of lifting and telling stories with some old friends. Results are as follows:

Date: June 3, 2017

Meet Director: Eric Todd

Location: ET’s house of Iron and Stone

Certified officials: Eric Todd and Lance Foster (The one official system was used on all lifts)

Loaders: Lance Foster, Dean Ross, Chris Todd, Eric Todd

All lifts are recorded in pounds

Lifter: Dean Ross, Male
Bodyweight: 231
Weight Class: 105
Age: 74
Age Division: 70

Lateral Raise-Lying 52
Lateral Raise-Standing 42
Finger Lift Thumb-left 40
Finger Lift Thumb-Right 40
Deadlift, Fulton Dumbbell Left Hand 82


Lifter: Lance Foster-male
Bodyweight: 335
Weight Class: 125+
Age: 51
Age Division: 50

Deadlift Dumbbell Right 201
Deadlift, Reeves 230
Snatch, Dumbbell right 60


Lifter: Eric Todd-Male
Bodyweight: 251
Weight class: 115
Age: 42
Age Division: 40

Bench Press Fulton Bar 340
Crucifix 148
Holdout Raised 85
Holdout Lowered 95
Lateral Raise Standing 100

The Meeting Agenda

By Al Myers

Before long the USAWA National Championships will be here, and with that the annual meeting of the USAWA.   We have one meeting per year to make our major yearly decisions and we always coordinate that with our Nationals.

The Annual Meeting will be held at the meet venue on Saturday following the day’s lifting.  So the date for the meeting is SATURDAY JUNE 24th.  Start time for the meeting will be right after the lifting, so around 4 to 5 PM. Everything is pretty straight forward on the meeting agenda this year.  There doesn’t seem to be any controversial decisions to be made, so I’m hoping for a short meeting.

Business Agenda for the 2017 USAWA National Meeting

  1. Meeting called to order by USAWA President Denny Habecker
  2. Roll Call by USAWA President Denny Habecker
  3. Reading of previous meeting minutes by USAWA Secretary Al Myers
  4. Report of financial status by USAWA Treasurer Al Myers
  5. Report from Website Director Al Myers
  6. Report from Awards Director Al Myers
  7. Report from Records Director Al Myers
  8. Report from Drug Enforcement Director Chad Ullom
  9. Report from Officials Director Joe Garcia
  10. Report from Postal Meet Director Denny Habecker
  11. Report from IAWA Technical Committee Chairman Dennis Mitchell on upcoming IAWA events and other technical issues that are being discussed by the IAWA Technical Committee
  12. Discussion and Vote on the new lifts:
  • Clark Lift proposed by Bill Clark
  • Pinch Grip Deadlift proposed by Al Myers
  • Pinch Grip – Strict proposed by Al Myers
  1. Discussion and Vote on Rule Changes
  2. Discussion of New Business brought forth by the membership
  3. Election of Officers
  4. Accept Bids for the 2018 National Championships
  • One prior proposal by Al Myers, to be held in Abilene, KS the last weekend of June
  1. Meeting Adjourned

** *If a Director or an Officer is unable to attend this meeting to give their report PLEASE send it to me so I can give it on your behalf!***

2017 USAWA Heavylift Championships

By Rocky Morrison


Group picture from the 2017 Heavy Lift Championships.

Group picture from the 2017 Heavy Lift Championships.

Frank’s Barbell Club hosted the 2017 Heavylift Championships on May 13, 2017. It may not have been the largest turnout for a Heavylift Championships, but it was great time. We had a lot of laughs (like Joe Jr popping a rivet on the neck lift head gear) and saw some great lifting. It was very impressive to see all lifters exceed the 1 Ton mark.


2017 USAWA Heavy Lift Championships
Frank’s Barbell Club
Walpole, MA
May 13th, 2017

Meet Director: Mark Raymond

Official: Frank Ciavattone

Lifts: Neck Lift, Hand and Thigh Lift, Hip Lift


Lifter Age Group Weight Class
Mark Raymond 54 50+ 241 110kg
Rocky Morrison 55 55+ 261 120kg
Joe Ciavattone, Jr. 23 Open 211 100kg
Joe Ciavattone, Sr. 48 45+ 234 110kg

Lifts (All weights in pounds):

Lifter Neck Lift Hand & Thigh Lift Hip Lift Total Weight Overall Place
Mark Raymond 125 702 1202 2029 4th
Rocky Morrison 402* 802 1202 2406 3rd
Joe Ciavattone, Jr. 552** 1402 1522 3476 1st
Joe Ciavattone, Sr. 552 802 1202 2556 2nd
* - USAWA Record
** - While attempting 752 lbs Joe Jr popped a rivot on the head gear, 
     thus ending the Neck Lift competition. From what we hear, this is the 
     second time he has done that.

After the lifts were complete Frank and Colleen hosted the lifters for a BBQ (and the weather cooperated). I was master chef at the grill for the day (Gordon Ramsey would have been proud).

A huge thanks to Mark Raymond and Frank’s Barbell club for putting on this great event.

Lifter of the Month – Tony Patterson

By Al Myers



Tony Patterson performing a Ciavattone Grip Deadlift at the 2016 IAWA World Championships.

Tony Patterson performing a Ciavattone Grip Deadlift at the 2016 IAWA World Championships.

A big congrats goes to Tony Patterson for being selected as the USAWA Lifter of the Month for March.  Tony lifts out of Frank’s Barbell Club in Walpole, MA and is a regular participant at club events.  Tony loves the USAWA grip lifts, and at a club record day in March put up a couple very impressive records.   He lifted 200 pounds with the Right Hand Fulton Dumbbell, and 210 pounds in the Right Hand 2″ Vertical Bar Lift.

I first met Tony at the 2016 IAWA World Championships in Lebanon last fall, which was his first IAWA event. I was very impressed with his lifting at Worlds and enjoyed getting to know him.

Congrats Tony!

Lebanon Valley RD

By Denny Habecker


Lebanon Valley Spring Record Day

The Lebanon Valley Spring Record Day was a big success! Five lifters set 23 new USAWA Records. 89 Year old Art Montini   started things off with some great Finger Lifts, and things just kept getting better from then on. We had 69 year old Barry Pensyl  from Easton, 36 year old Michael Rabich from Queens, New York , 22 year old Kohl Hess back in action, and last but not least,  13 year old Aidan Habecker doing some great Vertical Bar Lifts. Newcomer Michael Rabich did some great deadlifts and a difficult lift I personally had never seen done before, a Pullover and Press with  Wrestler’s Bridge. He did 60 Kg. [132 Lbs] on that lift.  After the lifting Judy treated us to some good food, as she always does.

Meet Results:

Lebanon Valley Spring Record Day
May 6th, 2017
Habecker’s Gym
Lebanon, PA

Meet Director: Denny Habecker

Official (1-official system used): Denny Habecker

Lifts: Record Day


Art Montini  – 89 Yrs  [ 85-89]  170 Lbs.  80 Kg. Class
Finger – Right Index- 69 Lbs.
Finger – Middle Left  – 102 Lbs
Finger – Middle Right – 102 Lbs
Finger – Ring – Left    – 102 Lbs.
Finger – Ring – Right  – 102 Lbs.

Barry Pensyl – 69 Yrs. [65-69] 150 Lbs. 70 Kg. Class
Curl – Reverse Grip    – 53 Lbs.
Hackenschmidt Floor Press – 187 Lbs.
Pinch Grip        – 116 Lbs.
Snatch – D.B. – Left      – 51 Lbs.
Snatch – D.B. – Right   – 54 Lbs.

Michael Rabich  – 36 Yrs.  203 Lbs. – 95 Kg. Class
Deadlift – 2 Dumbbells  – 424 Lbs.
Deadlift – Fulton Bar –    463 Lbs.
Deadlift- No Thumbs – Overhand Grip – 335 Lbs.
Deadlift – Trap Bar –    507 Lbs.
Pullover and Press – Wrestler’s Bridge – 132 Lbs.

Kohl Hess – 22 Yrs. – 271 Lbs. – 125 Kg. Class
Dumbbell Walk  – 106 Lbs.
Curl – Reverse Grip  – 99 Lbs.
Curl – Strict    -116 Lbs.
Pullover and Press   – 198 Lbs.
Vertical Bar- 2″ Bar – Right Hand – 204 Lbs.

Aidan Habecker  – 13 Yrs. – 135 Lbs. – 65 Kg. Class.
Dumbbell Walk  – 40 Lbs.
Vertical Bar- Right Hand – 2″ Bar – 116 Lbs.
Vertical Bar – 2 Bars, 2″ – 220 Lbs.

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