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By Dan Wagman and Ruth Jackson

From our perspective there are many aspects of all-round weightlifting that make it the greatest strength sport. But at the top of our list is the fact that your strength is challenged in 182 different lifts (USAWA Rulebook, 9th Ed.; but actually 218 lifts if you count right and left arm for one-armed lifts, 10 different fingers for finger lifts, and front and rear weaver). In addition, human physiology is such that it is nearly impossible to excel at all feats of strength equally. Fact is, we have been humbled by how challenging it is to perform well in certain lifts that present personal challenges. This humbling experience is something that many, if not most, strength athletes are unwilling to expose themselves to as they would rather stick to the lifts they can impress in.

With that said, we thought it would be interesting to see who the top men and women lifters are in USAWA—if not all of American strength sport. We determined this by only looking at how many different lifts a lifter holds a record in. We referred to the September, 2016 USAWA Record List for this.


Regardless of age or gender, or even time-in-sport, all-round weightlifting’s overall top performer is Al Myers with records in 152 different lifts. Denny Habecker comes in second with 141 lifts and Dean Ross rounds out the top three with 132 lifts. Only two lifts behind Dean is Ruth Jackson with 130 different lift records for the overall fourth place ranking while Art Montini’s 128 different lift records completes the overall top five greatest all-round weightlifters.



Rank               Name                                                 Lifts                           

1                    Jackson, Ruth                                      130

2                    McConnaughey, Mary                           66

3                    Phumchaona, Noi                                 57

4                    Fritz, Misty                                          41

5                    Myers, Molly                                        37

6                    Ollennuking, Amorkor                          36

7                    Gordon, Emily                                     34

8                    Hall, Rita and Sees, Susan                   33

9                    Monk, Elizabeth                                  31

10                  Jobe, Gabby and Schmidt, Kathy          27


Rank               Name                                                    Lifts

1                    Myers, Al                                               152

2                    Habecker, Denny                                    141

3                    Ross, Dean                                            132

4                    Montini, Art                                           128

5                    Ullom, Chad                                          122

6                    McKean, John                                        105

7                    Garcia, Joe                                            104

8                    Mitchell, Dennis                                     94

9                    Emslie, David                                        80

10                  Glasgow, Dave and Myers, LaVerne         77

Please note that determining these rankings took a huge amount of counting, deletion of multiple records for the same lift, sorting, etc. To give you a sense of this, just for the top 10 men there were over 3,300 initial line items of records. After removal of multiple records for the same lift the line items were reduced to a bit over 1,000. If there are any errors we apologize and would appreciate notification so that corrections can be made.

Clearly, no strength sport is as challenging as all-round weightlifting. If you are in need of motivation, have another look at the incredible depth of strength feats these lifters have accomplished, chalk up, pile on the plates, and challenge yourself in ways most dare not.

Art’s Birthday Bash

by John McKean


On probably the most beautiful morning this Fall, we gathered to celebrate Art Montini’s 89th birthday. As it turned out ,we were also celebrating Scotland’s George Dick’s birthday THAT DAY, along with a host of lifters from around the world -we had 22 lifters going for records from the U.S. , Great Britain, Scotland, Finland, Australia, and Kentucky (technically a US state,but we rarely admit it!).

We had a host of new lifters, the youngest and lightest being the very impressive Jackson LaPointe. Jackson displayed amazing form on swings,cleans, and deadlifts, being well coached by his famous “Atomic Athletic” dad, Roger, who also competed. Another whole team of teens came over from Zanesville, Ohio, coached by personable Don Graham, a long time powerlifter. Gees, this clean cut group of guys were strong!But I almost overlooked their 20 year teammate, a young lady who was the typical all-American looking farm girl, easy to mistake as one of the guys’ girlfriend,rather than a lifter! But,dang, she almost outlifted the guys, posting a 405# Anderson squat, and one arm deadlift of 225, at 142 bwt !

Of course Dean Ross was up with the chickens, driving in from Oklahoma, doing his lifts along with other early birds, Art & me, then leaving after an energetic record setting spree to instantly drive cross country back home! Art wanted to celebrate his disrespect for the aging process by giving the finger 5 times, via ring, index, and middle digits hefting record weights.Soon after, Stephen Santangelo, my ole buddy from Kentucky, showed up to do this annual “workout” with me. Stephen is always very creative, and had made his very own,up to specs, “Inch Dumbbell” to perform a few records!

I’d been a bit upset that I hadn’t been able to attend and see some of our truly great foreign All-Rounders at the World’s the week earlier, but apparently Denny Habecker kidnapped them all, locked them in his basement all week, and drove them to Ambridge for the meet!! Of course, Australian iron man, Peter Phillips had already arrived to add class& international flare for the meet, but out of Denny’s vehicle popped Steve and Karen Gardner, George Dick and his lovely wife, along with Finland’s grip superman, Timo Lauttamus and his beautiful girlfriend!Musta been the biggest INTERNATIONAL contest ever sponsored in the Ambridge VFW Barbell Club’s 55 year history!

Scott Schmidt and his lovely, ever smiling wife came over from Cleveland, as did Dennis and Flossy Mitchell, these two wonderful families very rarely missing Art’s birthday festivities, and lifing superbly, as usual. Joining Scott and Denny during their time on the platform was a super strong local lady, Beth Bulebush, a very welcome newcomer who is already excited about lifting in the master’s division at the nearby Vermilion ,Ohio 2017 Nationals. And Bob Geib drove  3 hours from Vermilion just to make a list of LIFTS that ALL our lifters would suggest, and to make th Nationals next year a really BALANCED group of events,for once!

Well, the group of internationals and Art (we’re not even sure he’s from this PLANET!) were so excited about the lifting, that they’ll all jump in Denny’s car Tuesday for a LONG drive and do it all over again at Al’s Gold Cup! Can’t beat the Autumn air for all-round enthusiasm !

Meet Results:

Art’s INTERNATIONAL Birthday Bash
October 16th, 2016
Ambridge VFW Barbell Club
Ambridge, PA

Meet Director: Art Montini

Officials (3-official system used): Steve Gardner, Denny Habecker, Art Montini, Pete Phillips, Scott Schmidt, Dennis Mitchell,John McKean

Lifts: Record Day

Jackson La Pointe   age 9  29K  bwt  Class 30 k ,under 13
right dumbbell swing 20 pounds
Ciavattone deadlift 96 pounds
continental clean 50 #
right dumbbell clean & jerk 25.2
trap bar deadlift 105#

Dennis Mitchell  age 84  148# bwt Class 70K 80+
one hand deadlift left 136 1/4 #
one hand deadlift right  136 1/4#
2 dumbbell press 30#
feet in air bench press 65#

Roger LaPointe age 45 bwt 164# Class 45+, 75K
right dumbbell swing 83#
Fulton bar continental to chest 70K
continental clean&jerk 90K
Fulton bar hack lift 100K
1 hand (r) barbell clean &jerk 88#

Stephen R Santangelo age 64 bwt 164# Class 60+, 75K
Inch dumbbell deadlift -R  113#
Inch dumbbell deadlift -L   101#
Hackenschmidt floor press 185#
Fulton bar bench press 145#
Rectangular Fix 85#

John McKean  age 70 bwt 164 1/4# Class 70+,75K
Thumbless deadlift, alt hands grip 210#  (also for international: thumbless deadlift, hands forward 190#)
Deadlift heels together 250#
Ciavattone deadlift 250#
Fulton bar deadlift 235#
Hackenschmidt Floor press 125#

Art Montini   (stone) age 89  bwt 171# class 85+ ,80K
left ring finger 83# left middle finger 83#
right index finger 38#  right ring finger 83
right middle finger 83#

Don Graham  age 62  bwt 187  class 60+ , 85K
press from rack 160#
Anderson press 185#
Cyr dumbbell press 80#
Left Dumbbell snatch 60#
right hand dumbbell snatch 75#

Denny Habecker age 74 bwt 91K class 70+ ,95K
reverse curl  65#
2 dumbbells cheat curl 90#
Left dumbbell press 50#
right dumbbell press 60#
right dumbbell cheat curl 50#

Timo Lauttamus age 37 bwt 96.5K class 100K(Finland)
straddle lift, little fingers  225#
straddle lift, index fingers 295#
straddle lift ,middle fingers 385#
one hand(L) Ciavattone 294.5#
one hand Fulton deadlift (LEFT HAND) 213#

Peter R Phillips age 62  bwt 104K  class 60+,105K(Australia)
Deadlift, stiff leg 142.5K
Bench Press,225#

Scott Schmidt age 63 bwt 232 #, class 60+ , 110 K
reverse curl 62.5K
jerk behind neck (rack) 70K
2hand vertical bar deadlift (2″bars) 132.5K

Dean Ross age 73 bwt 253# class 70+,115K
2 dumbbells deadlift 220#
right dumbbell deadlift 110#
left dumbbell deadlift 110#
stiff leg deadlift 255#
roman chair bench press 65#

Bob Geib  age 73 bwt 273 class 70+ ,125K
right dumbbell swing 20K
stiff leg deadlift 70K

Beth Bulebush age 48 bwt 283#, class female,45+, 130K
good morning 115#
Fulton bench press 103#
standing press from rack 75#
seated press from rack 80#
pinch grip lift(2 hand) 80#

Steve Gardner age 59 bwt 148.5 K  class 55+, 150 K (England)
left index finger lift 163#
right index finger lift 163#
2″ bar straddle lift 100kg
index fingers Deadlift 90 kilos

Karen Gardner 78.5 kilos and 57yrs
2″ bar Straddle 80 kilos
right hand middle finger lift 37.6 kilos

George Dick 138.4 kilos and 68 yrs
left hand 2″ Vertical 58.5 kilos
right hand 2″ Vertical 58.5 kilos
2×2″ Vertical bars with 127 kilos
right hand middle finger and right hand index finger both with 40 kilos
hand and thigh lift with 195 kilos
one inch Vertical bar lift with 47.8 kilos with both left and right hand

IAWA Minutes

by Al Myers, IAWA President

2016 IAWA Annual Meeting Minutes

The IAWA annual meeting was called to order at 7:30 PM at New York Fitness in Lebanon, PA on Friday, October 7th.  Roll call was taken and these members were attendance: Al Myers, Graham Saxton, Denny Habecker, Karen Gardner, George Dick, LaVerne Myers, Frank Ciavattone, Rocky Morrison, Art Montini, Dennis Mitchell, Timo Lauttamus, Kim Lydon, Peter Phillips, Steve Gardner, Dean Ross, and Mark Raymond. Roll call of the IAWA Vice Presidents was taken and these VP’s were not in attendance: Chad Ullom (US), Robin Lukosis (Australia), Cliff Harvey (New Zealand), and Jose Jara (Spain).

The first agenda item was reading of the 2015 IAWA minutes. IAWA General Secretary Frank Allen was not in attendance and had not delegated anyone to give the minutes on his behalf, thus no minutes were read.

The second agenda item was a report on the World Postal Championships by promoter Steve Gardner. Steve reported over 60 lifters competed representing 5 countries and felt the Postal Championships was very successful. Denny moved to accept the report, with a second by Dean, and it passed unanimously.

The next report was given by myself, on the upcoming Gold Cup held in Abilene, Kansas. I reported that plans are coming along according to schedule and that close to 20 competitors were entered. Dean moved to accept report, with a second by LaVerne, and it passed unanimously.

Next up was the report from the IAWA Technical Committee Chairman Dennis Mitchell.  Dennis informed the membership that a new lift was being proposed, called the Reg Park Bench Press (2-barbell bench press).  The membership had many questions regarding the rules of the lift.  A prior written rule was written and approved by the USAWA, but Dennis did not have that with him. I had brought copies of the rules for the Reg Park Bench Press and passed them amongst the membership at this point which answered all of the questions. Dennis said that this lift had passed the Technical Committee review. However, at this point Technical Committee members Steve Gardner and Peter Phillips replied that they had not been informed of this new lift being proposed. Technical Committee member Denny Habecker remarked that he was not in favor of it because this lift would require 4 spotters for a proper handoff and could not be easily done in a competition.  At this point I declared to the membership that the whole purpose of the Technical Committee was to prior evaluate and vote on a new proposed lift before the meeting, and in this case this was not done properly.  I then dropped this from the agenda and no vote was taken by the membership.

Next up was a report on the 2017 IAWA World Championships, held in Perth Australia. Peter Phillips reported that plans are underway, with the tentative date set for September 30th-October 1st. Lifts proposed were: Day 1 – Cheat Curl, 1 Hand DB Snatch, 1 hand Vertical Bar Lift, and Feet in the air bench press. Day 2- 2″ bar Clean and Press, 1 hand Hack Lift, and 2″ Bar Straddle Lift. Peter said more details will follow later. Dean moved to accept report, with a second by Rocky, and it passed unanimously.

A report by the 2017 Gold Cup promoter George Dick was given next. George reported that the Gold Cup would be held in Glasgow, Scotland on November 4th in their new gym facility. Dean moved to accept with a second by Denny, and it passed unanimously.

There was no old or new business.

Elections of new officers was up next.  Elections in the IAWA happen every 4 years. A call to the membership was made if anyone wanted to run for any postion. There were no takers. A call was then made to the current officers if they wanted to run for another term.  Agreement to stand for their current positions was made by those officers present. Dean moved to retain the current officers of the IAWA for another term. A second was made by LaVerne and it passed unanimously.

Next agenda item was accepting bids for future IAWA Worlds and the Gold Cup. The IAWA schedule is booked up through 2018, so bids would have to be for 2019. I explained that I thought that 3 years in advance was a little too long as lots of things can change between the time putting in the bid and the actual competition. No official bids were made but Frank Ciavattone expressed interest in the 2019 Worlds and George Dick for the 2019 Gold Cups.

2016 World meet promoter Denny Habecker then gave some notifications as applied to the weekend’s competiton and the banquet.

At this time all agenda items had been covered, so Dean moved to adjourn. Frank made a second and it passed unanimously. The meeting ended at 8:30 PM.

World Championships

by Al Myers

2016 IAWA World Championships

Group picture from the 2016 IAWA World Championships.

Group picture from the 2016 IAWA World Championships.

I just returned from another outstanding IAWA World Championships in Lebanon, PA.  The meet was promoted by Denny and Judy Habecker.  Denny and Judy are VERY experienced meet promotors and like always, promoted a tremendous competition.  They go beyond just putting on a great meet – they provide generous hospitality and treat the lifters like family.

Worlds this year was represented by the USA, England, Scotland, Australia, and Finland.  Year after year the IAWA gets lifters from overseas regardless where the World Championships are held.  Australia was represented by Peter Phillips and Finland by Timo Lauttamus.  Both these guys represented their countries well, with both winning  world championships in their age and bodyweight classes.  Peter placed fifth overall and Timo placed 2nd overall. Timo had a couple of HUGE lifts: a 211 kg 2″ 2″bar vertical bar lift and a 227.5 kg Ciavattone Deadlift.  George Dick represented Scotland, and England was represented by Peter Tryner, Graham Saxton, Steve Gardner, and Karen Gardner.

The overall Womens Champion was Kim Lydon.  She edged out Karen Gardner from England. Karen is an extremely talented and seasoned all-rounder. I have watched Karen lift many times and she appeared to me to lift more weight than anytime I remember. This was Kim’s first time competing in the IAWA World Championships. If Kim keeps involved I expect this will be the first of many Overall Championships for her.

Peter Tryner, of England, being presented the World Championship Belt by meet director Denny Habecker and meet announcer Steve Gardner.

Peter Tryner, of England, being presented the World Championship Belt by meet director Denny Habecker and meet announcer Steve Gardner.

The overall Men’s Champion was Pete Tryner of England.  Pete came in well prepared for this World Championships and lifted superbly.  Pete is a class-act individual – and as well as being a gifted lifter he represents himself well on the platform.  I like to see “good guys” like Pete being crowned as our Overall Best Lifter at Worlds as he will represent the organization well.  For this great accomplishment Pete was awarded the Championship Belt which is a travelling belt that Pete will get to hold for the upcoming year.

A wonderful banquet was held after the World Championships!

A wonderful banquet was held after the World Championships!

There was so much great lifting at this meet that if I was going to go into detail it would be more than anyone would want to read so I will let the below meet results speak for themselves.  After the meet we had a very nice banquet and awards ceremony which gave a nice ending to a great weekend of lifting.


2016 IAWA World Championships
New York Fitness
October 8th and 9th, 2016

Meet Director: Denny and Judy Habecker

Meet Announcers: Steve Gardner and Al Myers

Meet Scorekeepers: Judy Habecker and Rocky Morrison

Meet Loaders: John Horn, Terry Barlet, Barry Bryan, Barry Pensyl, Dean Ross

Meet Officials: George Dick, Graham Saxton, Frank Ciavattone, Scott Schmidt, LaVerne Myers, Denny Habecker, Dennis Mitchell

Lifts: Continental Clean, Pullover and Push, 2 hands 2″ Vertical Bar Lift, Alternate Grip Clean and Press, One Hand Clean and Jerk, Ciavattone Deadlift


Kim Lydon USA 20 69.7 52.5 60 75 40 25L 100 362.5 491.3
Karen Gardner England 57 76.2 45 45 90 27.5 20R 95 322.5 482.2

Extra attempts for record:
Karen Gardner 2″ 2 Bar Vertical Bar Lift 95KG
Karen Gardner RH Clean and Jerk 23KG


Pete Tryner England 44 86.5 127.5 145 170 80 55R 190 767.5 749.9
Timo Lauttamus Finland 37 93.4 110 105 210 70 52.5R 227.5 775 681.4
Al          Myers USA 50 101.8 100 115 150 55 50R 185 655 610.1
Denny Habecker USA 74 87.0 60 95 105 52.5 30R 120 462.5 609.4
Peter Phillips Australia 62 101.5 70 90 120 50 40R 160 530 547.9
Graham Saxton England 54 120.6 90 122.5 120 52.5 50R 157.5 592.5 524.3
LaVerne Myers USA 72 106.5 65 60 150 20 20L 140 455 522.0
Dean Ross USA 73 113.3 60 80 110 40 25R 130 445 501.7
Scott Schmidt USA 63 105.2 70 80 120 55 25R 130 480 490.9
Art Montini USA 88 77.3 30 50 60 15 10R 90 255 430.5
Mark Raymond USA 53 106.5 65 60 145 50 15L 125 460 429.7
George Dick Scotland 67 144.2 57.5 65 115 42.5 30R 150 460 422.5
Aidan Habecker USA 13 58.0 42.5 35 90  22.5 17.5R 75 282.5 420.9
Dennis Mitchell USA 84 66.6 32.5 35 50 12.5 12.5R 80 222.5 394.9
Rocky Morrison USA 54 129.2 45 45 100 45 20L 140 395 338.0
Steve Gardner England 59 167.0 47.5 60 100 30 25R 100 362.5 304.6
Tony Patterson USA 54 79.8 0 0 125 0 0 145 270 298.9
Frank Ciavattone USA 61 135.0 0 0 115 0 0 188 302.5 268.9

Extra attempts for record:
Timo Lauttamus 2″ 2 bar Vertical Lift 211KG
George Dick RH Clean and Jerk 30.5KG
George Dick Ciavattone DL 151KG
Denny Habecker Pullover and Push 96KG
Aidan Habecker 2″ 2 Bar Vertical Bar Lift 95KG
Dennis Mitchell Alternate Grip Clean and Press 15KG

Notes: All lifts recorded in kilograms. BWT is bodyweight recorded in kilograms.  R and L designate right and left arms. TOT is total pounds lifted. PTS are overall adjusted points corrected for age and bodyweight adjustments.

Title Results from the 2016 World Championships

Aiden Habecker – Junior 60 k Champion
Kim Lydon – ladies 70 k Champion
Karen Gardner – ladies 80 k Champion
Dennis Mitchell – Masters 80+ 70 k Champion
Art Montini – Masters 85+ 80 k Champion
Denny Habecker – Masters 70+ 90 k Champion
Laverne Myers – Masters 70+ 110 k Champion
Dean Ross -Masters 70+ 115 k Champion
Rocky Morrison – Masters 50+ 125+ Champion
Steve Gardner – Masters 55+ 125+ Champion
Tony Patterson – Masters 50+ 80 k Champion
Peter Tryner – Masters 40+ 85 k Champion
Timo Lauttamus – Open 95 k Champion
Al Myers – Masters 50+ 105 k Champion
Peter Phillips – Masters 60+ 105 k Champion
Scott Schmidt – Masters 60+ 110 k Champion
Mark Raymond – Masters 50+ 110 k Champion
Graham Saxton – Masters 50+ 125 k Champion
Frank Ciavattone – Masters 60+ 125+ Champion
George Dick – Masters 65+ 125+ Champion

Best Lifter Awards
Junior – Aiden Habecker
Female Open – Kim Lydon
Female Master – Karen Gardner
M 40+ – Peter Tryner
M 50+ – Al Myers
M 55+ – Steve Gardner
M 60+ – Peter Phillips
M 65+ – George Dick
M 70+ – Denny Habecker
M 80+ – Dennis Mitchell
M 85+ – Art Montini

Overall Men’s Best Lifter Rankings
1st – Peter Tryner
2nd – Timo Lauttamus
3rd – Al Myers
4th – Denny Habecker
5th – Peter Phillips

Plymouth Rock RD

by Al Myers


Frank Ciavattone, owner and Club President of Frank’s Barbell Club, has sanctioned a meet at his gym on November 12th, 2016.  Most  lifts can be contested for USAWA/IAWA records, but to be sure I recommend you contact Frank beforehand.  Below is the contact information for Frank:

Frank’s Barbell Club
204 East Street
East Walpole, MA 02032
Phone: (508)-668-5200

There is no entry form for this record day. Contact Frank directly for further details.

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