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Yearly Awards

by Al Myers

Every year since 2009, the USAWA gives out “Yearly Awards” to selected members of the USAWA for outstanding recognition.  These awards are part of the USAWA Awards Program, funded by the organization.  These awards are nominated and voted on by the membership. As with our tradition, these special awards are awarded during our National Championships, right after the meet.  This year it was extra special as they were given out at York Barbell.

The past year’s winners:


Winner – Steve Santangelo

Runner Up – Jeff Ciavattone


Winner – Art Montini

Runner Up – Dick Durante


Winner – Frank Ciavattone

Runner Up – Dave Glasgow


Winner – Al Myers

Runner Up – Denny Habecker


Winner – Chad Ullom

Runner Up – Eric Todd


Winner – Frank’s Barbell Club

Runner Up – Ledaig Athletic Club

Minutes from 2015 National Meeting

by Al Myers, USAWA Secretary


The meeting of the 2015 Annual National Meeting was called to order by USAWA President Denny Habecker at 6:15 PM at York Barbell in York, PA. Roll call was taken and these USAWA members were in attendance: Denny Habecker, Dennis Mitchell, Al Myers, Barry Bryan, Bob Geib, Susan Sees, John McKean, Art Montini, Randy Smith, Eric Todd, Frank Ciavattone, and James Fuller. Minutes were read from the 2014 Meeting by USAWA Secretary Al Myers and the Financial Report was given by USAWA Treasurer Al Myers.  The Financial Report showed a positive revenue for the USAWA for the past year.  Bob Geib moved to accept these reports, a second made by Eric Todd, and they passed unanimously.  The Directors reports were given next.  Al Myers, the website director, reported on the website progress and the update to the new website.  Al Myers, the awards director, reported on how the budget money for the awards program is spent, with most of it going to the annual USAWA awards. Records Director Al Myers reported on how the Records List is now available online on the website with the intentions of having an updated list on the website every 1-2 months. The Drug Enforcement Director Chad Ullom was not in attendance but had given his report to Al Myers to give on his behalf.  20 Drug tests were administered over the previous year at numerous meets with no positive tests.  The Official Director Joe Garcia was not in attendance and no official report was given.  The Postal Meet Director Denny Habecker reported on the USAWA postal program and encouraged more participation.  The IAWA Technical Committee Dennis Mitchell gave a report on the IAWA Technical Committee.  No activity was reported during the previous year.  There was no New Business to discuss.  Bids for the 2016 USAWA Nationals was next on the agenda. Frank Ciavattone made a bid to host the event at his place, and it passed unanimously.  Bob Geib expressed interest in hosting the 2017 USAWA Nationals at his place in Vermillion, Ohio.  Membership discussion supported this.   Election of officers was next: President – Denny Habecker, Vice President Chad Ullom, Secretary/Treasurer Al Myers, At Large Executive Board Member Dennis Mitchell, and At Large Executive Board Member Frank Ciavattone were elected. Eric Todd moved to adjourn the meeting, with a second by Art Montini.  The motion passed unanimously.  The meeting lasted 25 minutes.

Club Champs Date Change

by Al Myers

Due to some scheduling conflicts, the date for the USAWA Club Championships has been changed to Saturday, August 29th. This will allow lifters to attend the “KANSAS DOUBLEHEADER” – the Club Champs on Saturday and the Team Champs on Sunday.  Dave Glasgow, of the Ledaig HA, is still hosting the Club Champs at his gym in Rainbow Bend while I’ll be hosting the Team Champs Sunday at the Dino Gym.  This should help attendance at both meets as lifters can make a full weekend out of it.  Dave and I only live a couple of hours apart so it will make an easy commute.  Let’s make this a great weekend of lifting for the USAWA!

Presidential Cup

by Al Myers


For the fourth year in a row, the now “Annual” USAWA Presidential Cup is being hosted again by our USAWA President Denny Habecker.  This is one of the CHAMPIONSHIP events hosted in the USAWA, and is the Championships of Record Days.  It follows along “the lines” of the IAWA Gold Cup – a lifter picks their best lift and contests it for a USAWA record in this prestigious record day.  After all lifters have performed their record lifts, Denny will pick the effort that impresses him the most and award that lifter the PRESIDENTIAL CUP.  Only one lifter will receive this very important award.   If time allows, lifters will have the opportunity to perform other record day lifts.  So it is a good idea to come with the BIG LIFT in mind, but also be prepared to do other lifts for record if the time allows.

Now a little “rehash” on the Presidential Cup.  These are the guidelines:

The Presidential Cup will follow along some of the same guidelines as the Gold Cup, which is the IAWA meet which recognizes outstanding performances by lifters in the lift/lifts of their choosing.  The Gold Cup started in 1991 under the direction of then-IAWA President Howard Prechtel.  However there will be some differences in the guidelines of the USAWA Presidential Cup:

  • The Presidential Cup is hosted annually by the USAWA President only.
  • Must be a USAWA member to participate.
  • A lifter may choose any official USAWA  lift/lifts (number set by the President) to set a USAWA record/records  in.
  • The lifter must open at a USAWA Record Poundage on first attempt.
  • The top performance record lift of the entire record day,  which will be chosen by the President, will be awarded the PRESIDENTIAL CUP.


USAWA Presidential Cup

Saturday, August 22nd, 2015

Meet Director:  Denny Habecker

Location: Habecker’s Gym, Lebanon, PA

Lifts:  Bring your best lift for record!

Start time:  10 AM,  with weigh-ins before this

Entry Form:  None, but advance notice is required.

Denny may be reached by email –

IAWA Gold Cup

by John Mahon and Sam Trew, Gold Cup Meet Promoters


Perth , Australia

This is the first ever that the IAWA Gold Cup has ever been held in Australia and we are excited to be promoting it. To ensure that the first ever Australian Gold Cup is trip worth making we have decided to turn the event into a 3 day tour. Consisting of the Gold Cup, a Heavy Events competition and an Old Time Strong Man competition. This will be a trip Down Under worth making and we look forward to catching up with our All-Round Weightlifting family.



Belmont Sports and Recreation Club (BSRC),

Corner of Abernethy Road and Keane Street Cloverdale, Western Australia 6105


John Mahon and Sam Trew.

Phone:  John Mahon on +6138803639


DATE: Friday 27th November 2015


Lifting starts at 12pm sharp.

ENTRY FEE: $85 – T  Shirt included in the price.
AWARDS: Gold Cup and Howard Prechtel Memorial Cup.
CLASSES: All weight classes and Weight divisions will be recognized

ALL Lifters must submit their first nominated attempts at the weigh in. Also nominate a second attempt incase the first attempt is unsuccessful.  If time permits we will allow lifters to perform both lifts. Please note that the opening weight on the lifters chosen attempt MUST be for a new World Record.

If in the event that a lifter wants to participate in the event but unable or in ineligible to break a World Record they will allowed to lift for the Silver Cup – this for a National Record, a Club Record or a Personal Record.

BANQUET AND PRESENTATIONS: From 6:30pm onwards– This will Also be held at the Belmont Sports and Recreation Club. The BSRC is a fully licensed venue. Ticket costs: $30




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