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Postal Championships

by Al Myers

I just received the results of the 2011  USAWA Postal Championships from the meet director John Wilmot.  It looks like it was a very well supported postal meet to “cap” our year of the USAWA Postal Series.  I want to mention that it is VERY IMPORTANT to send your entries in on time.  A few entries came in late to John (after the generous deadline John CLEARLY states on the entry form) and were rejected.   It is also VERY IMPORTANT that the entry forms are filled out correctly when sent to him – don’t just “scribble” your results on a sheet of paper and send them in. Also, the PROPER FORMS need to be filled out and SIGNED to make your entry official.  All of this is readily available on the website (old entry forms stay on the website FOREVER in the announcement blogs).  I don’t want to hear anyone “whining” to me why their entry was rejected – YOU SHOULD KNOW!

Now on to more pleasant things. I can’t thank John enough for promoting these postal meets.  It takes work to calculate the results and send out the certificates.  I should mention that he does this all because he wants to support the USAWA.  He doesn’t receive any monetary help from the USAWA for these postal meets.  In fact, he has to pay the sanction fees for all of these postals!  If you get the time, drop John a note in the mail thanking him for all he does.


2011 USAWA Postal Championships
December 1st-31st, 2011

Meet Director: John Wilmot

Lifts: Clean and Jerk – 2 Dumbbells, Curl – Reverse Grip, Jefferson Lift

Lifters using certified USAWA officials:

Karena Fobes – Official Jarrod Fobes
Jarrod Fobes – Official Karena Fobes
Denny Habecker – Official Judy Habecker
Joe Ciavattone Jr. – Officials Frank Ciavattone, Joe Ciavattone Sr., Mike O’Brien
Al Myers – Official LaVerne Myers
Eric Todd – Official Lance Foster
Joe Ciavattone Sr.- Official Frank Ciavattone, Mike O’Brien
LaVerne Myers – Official Al Myers
Chris Anderson – Official Eric Todd
Lance Foster – Official Eric Todd

Lifters using a non-certified Judge:

John Wilmot – Judge Kay Wilmot
Orie Barnett – Judge Sam Rogers


Lifter AGE BWT C&J Curl Jeff Total Points
Karena Fobes 36 170 76 85 225 386 379.4


Lifter AGE BWT C&J Curl Jeff Total Points
Al Myers 45 250 180 200 584 964 810.8
Joe Ciavattone Jr. 18 212.5 170 181 550 901 801.9
Eric Todd 36 251.2 230 200 515 945 747.9
Orie Barnett 50 230.6 160 130 430 720 661.1
Joe Ciavattone Sr. 43 245 170 201 405 776 646.8
Chris Anderson 23 282 220 190 450 860 643.0
Jarrod Fobes 34 185 126 145 325 596 556.9
John Wilmot 64 216 100 105 305 510 545.9
Denny Habecker 69 185 80 66 264 410 498.7
Lance Foster 46 320 120 155 295 570 433.6
LaVerne Myers 67 253 80 140 180 400 403.8

NOTES:  BWT is bodyweight in pounds. All weights are recorded in pounds. Total is total pounds lifted. Points are overall adjusted points for bodyweight and age corrections.

Dino Gym Challenge

by Al Myers

Group picture from the 2012 Dino Gym Challenge. (front row left to right): Chad Ullom, Al Myers (back row left to right): Dave Glasgow, Dean Ross, Rudy Bletscher


I didn’t think the “single arm challenge” would be this demanding, but as I sit writing this meet report today I’m feeling sore all over!  First of all, I want to thank everyone who showed up to compete or help yesterday.  Five brave lifters showed up to take on this decathlon of single arm lifts: Chad Ullom, Dave Glasgow, Rudy Bletscher, Dean Ross and myself.  The unique feature of this meet was that BOTH arms had to be contested in each single arm lift.  There was no way to hide any weaknesses!  I picked lifts that would test every body part – overhead stuff both quick lifts and pressing, benching, and deadlifting.  I was very curious to see the strength differences each lifter would have between arms.  I even played this up before the meet by having two certificates made up for BEST LIFTERS AWARDS.  One was the Ambidextrous Award, for the lifter that had the highest percentage of weight lifted between his weak arm and his strong arm.  The other award was for the opposite of this, or the Ambisinistrous Award, which was for the lifter that had the lowest percentage of weight lifted between his weak arm and his strong arm.  I nicknamed this award the “KLUTZ AWARD” just to add more insult to this prize which recognizes poor lifting ability. 

Dave Glasgow and his 315# USAWA record in the right arm Deadlift. Dave broke the record held by USAWA Hall of Famer Scott Schmidt in this lift.

It was a hard fought fight to the finish, but my training partner and good friend Chad edged me out in the last event, the one arm deadlift. I had the lead on him up till this last event.  It was interesting that we both weighed in the same at 251 pounds, but now something was different as Chad has just turned 40 and is now a masters lifter.  Not only did he beat me in the competition in the one arm deadlift, but he took both of my one arm deadlift records in the 40/115K class!   Chad finished the meet off with a personal record one arm deadlift of 451 pounds! It was a stellar lift and broke the overall record in the 115K class, previously held by Frank Ciavattone and his 426# effort.  There were many USAWA records broke at this meet, but this had to be one of the “highlight records” of the day.  Another record I would like to mention was Dave Glasgow’s right arm deadlift of 315 pounds.  That is the most I have seen Super Dave lift in the one arm deadlift, and it was quite impressive.  My best performance of the day was in the one arm snatch, where I lifted a personal best and ALL-TIME USAWA BEST  with a lift of 172 pounds. I have done over 170 pounds a few times in training, but this was the first time I have done it in competition.   I can’t say enough about Rudy and Dean and their lifting.  They both battled it out all day long, with Rudy edging Dean out in the end.  Dean is a real powerhouse, but this meet was more about finesse with all these one arm lifts, and it favored Rudy.  Mike Murdock sat this one out in order to help with judging and scorekeeping, but when the three of them compete with each other it makes for a very exciting competition.  I’m sure there will be many more square-offs between these seasoned (see – I didn’t say old!) guys in the future.

This is my 172# one arm Snatch. This is the top one arm Snatch that has been done in the history of the USAWA, beating the mark of 171# held by my brother-in-law Bob Burtzloff!

After the results were tallied and the awards handed out, we were treated to heaping bowls of homemade chili that was prepared by my wife Leslie.  Often when a meet is over, the lifters are ready to “hit the road” to make the long journey back home. But as Dean reminded  me when we were filling our gullets with tasty chili, it was when I mentioned it was HOMEMADE CHILI that EVERYONE decided to stay and eat before heading home.  We watched football, drank a few beers,  and told several stories about our friends who weren’t it attendance.  What a good way to end a great day!

Check back tomorrow to see who won the Best Lifter Awards.  That’s a news story in itself!


Dino Gym Challenge
The Single Arm Challenge
Dino Gym, Holland, Kansas
January 14th, 2012

Meet Director: Al Myers and the Dino Gym

Officials (1 official system used): Mike Murdock, Scott Tully, Mark Mitchell, Darren Barnhart

Scorekeeper: Mike Murdock

Loaders: Alan English, Chuck Cookson, Matt Cookson

Lifts: Snatch – Left Arm, Snatch – Right Arm, Clean and Jerk – Left Arm, Clean and Jerk – Right Arm, Side Press – Left Arm, Side Press – Right Arm, Bench Press – Left Arm, Bench Press – Right Arm, Deadlift – Left Arm, Deadlift – Right Arm

Lift             Chad Ullom Al Myers Dave Glasgow Rudy Bletscher Dean Ross
BWT  113.9  113.9  114.6  96.2  125.0
AGE  40  45  58  76  69
Snat-LF  150  120  105  45  55
Snat-RT  155  150  100  50  70
C&J-LF  120  120  90  40  35
C&J-RT  130  150  80  40  40
Side-LF  95  80  75  30  35
Side-RT  100  110  55  40  40
BP-LF  115  100  80  35  40
BP-RT  120  130  65  40  60
DL-LF  400  320  300  165  180
DL-RT  410  380  315  165  170
TOTAL  1795  1660  1265  650  725
POINTS  1435.5  1393.3  1188.2  770.4  712.6

NOTES: BWT is bodyweight in kilograms. All lifts recorded in pounds. Total is total pounds lifted. Points are adjusted points for bodyweight and age.


Al Myers: Snatch – Right Arm 172#
Al Myers: Deadlift – Right Arm 410#
Chad Ullom: Deadlift – Right Arm 451#

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