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Postal Championships

by Al Myers



The year of the USAWA postal meets came to a close with the big finale, the USAWA Postal Championships.  Twelve lifters competed in this Championships, with Barry Bryan winning the OVERALL in the men’s division and Ruth Jackson winning the OVERALL in the women’s division.

Our Postal Meet Director Denny Habecker has done a great job of chosing lifts for these meets, and has already announced all the postal lifts for 2016! I will get these meets announced very soon on the website.

Again, a BIG CONGRATS to Barry and Ruth for being crowned our Postal Championships winners and a big thank you to all the other lifters who competed in our postal meet series.


2015 Postal Championships
December, 2015

Meet Director: Denny Habecker

Lifts: Deadlift – Fulton Bar, Ciavattone Grip, Arthur Lift, Snatch – Dumbbell, One Arm

Officials (1-Official System Used for all lifters):

Lifters using certified officials:
Barry Bryan – Certified Official Denny Habecker
Al Myers – Certified Official LaVerne Myers
Denny Habecker – Certified Official Barry Bryan
LaVerne Myers – Certified Official Al Myers
Dean Ross – Certified Official Eric Todd
Lance Foster – Certified Official Eric Todd
Eric Todd – Certified Official Lance Foster
Crystal Diggs – Certified Official Ruth Jackson

Lifters using non-certified judges:
Christian Schimph
Ruth Jackson
Tressa Brooner
Mary McConnaughey


Ruth Jackson 53 106 143 18.5 45R 206.5 325.2
Tressa Brooner 54 130 120 75 35R 230 310.9
Mary McConnaughey 56 318 180 55 45R 280 231.2
Crystal Diggs 29 153 73 50 25L  145 151.7


Barry Bryan 57 193 264 132 63R 459 493.5
Al Myers 49 227 331 85 120R 536 491.6
Denny Habecker 73 193 220 132 40R 392 479.4
Christian Schimph 17 154 210 95 45L 350 365.8
LaVerne Myers 71 246 275 0 60L 335 353.3
Dean Ross 73 256 165 65 55R 285 299.8
Lance Foster 50 335 215 45 55R 315 235.6
Eric Todd 40 251 75 65 45L 185 161.9

Notes: BWT is bodyweight in pounds.  All lifts recorded in pounds. R and L designate right and left arms. TOT is total pounds lifted. PTS are overall adjusted points corrected for age and bodyweight.

Iron Warrior RD

by RJ Jackson

Meet Report And Results

Dan Wagman pulls  a big Middle Finger Lift at the meet!

Dan Wagman pulls a big Middle Finger Lift at the meet!

This year we were hoping for more lifters but instead had our lowest turn out. Jarrod Fobes trained for the Record Breakers and had a good heavy training day two Saturdays before the meet. Unfortunately he ended up hurting his upper back thus crushing any hope of competing. Fortunate for us, this meant he gave his full attention to setting up, judging, time-keeping, scoring, loading, and whatever else we needed.

Stephen Santangelo was hoping to fly in from Florida. Unfortunately he aggravated a previously torn leg muscle. So he was knocked out of attending, too.

Notwithstanding, Dan’s first lift, a 380 lbs. BP-feet in air (FIA) not only beat the USAWA record but unofficially exceeded the IAWA record of 364 lbs. Though Dan was not able to pull though his second attempts for both the FIA and Bench Press-reverse grip, both were near misses. However, he did not let this affect his other lifts. His wrist curl, Jefferson Fulton bar lift, and finger lifts, were all solid except when he ripped the skin off of his right index finger. Seeing Dan nail the 503 lbs. Jefferson Fulton bar after getting it somewhat stuck on his hamstring was probably the most suspenseful to watch.

As for me, I am most proud of my dumbbell walk that took 2 years of training to unofficially beat the IAWA record.

I would like to thank Jarrod for running the meet and the owners of Iron Warrior Gym for the use of their facility. It is difficult to compete in a gym that is not set up for serious strength athletes, especially during maximal effort attempts. However the Iron Warrior gym definitely gave us full support. There were ample calibrated and fractional plates, numerous bars, chalk, plenty of space, free choice of music, and in general a supportive lifting atmosphere. Basically we were able to lift and do our thing and as a result I have not felt so good from lifting in a long time. It was a very good day.


Iron Warrior Record Day
1610 West Evans Ave
Denver, CO 80010
December 27, 2015

Officials: Jarrod Fobes and RJ Jackson


Dan Wagman: open division, 85 kg weight class
Bench press, feet in air:  380 lbs.
Bench press, reverse grip: 355 lbs.
Bent-over row:  335 lbs.
Finger lifts, index, LH:  137 lbs.
Finger lifts, index, RH:  132 lbs.
Finger lifts, middle, LH:  201 lbs.
Finger lifts, middle, RH:  201 lbs.
Jefferson lift, Fulton bar:  503.5 lbs.
Wrist curl:  300 lbs.

RJ Jackson: 54 years old, 50 kg weight class
Abdominal raise:  30 lbs.
Bearhug:  102.5 lbs.
Swing, 2 dumbbells: 60 lbs.
Clean & Press, middle fingers: 40 lbs.
Clean & Press, reverse grip: 65 lbs.
Dumbbell walk: 52.5 lbs.
Deadlift, Fulton dumbbell, left: 67 lbs.
Deadlift, Fulton dumbbell, right: 77 lbs.
Deadlift, fingers, ring: 80 lbs.
Deadlift, fingers, index: 80 lbs.
Deadlift, one leg, right: 105 lbs.
Deadlift, one leg, left: 95 lbs.
Finger lifts, index, left: 70 lbs.
Finger lifts, index, right: 77 lbs.
Kelly snatch: 40 lbs.

John’s Birthday RD

by John McKean

John’s Birthday Record Day
Turning 70 -Easy as Apple pie !

John McKean enjoyed some homemade apple pie on his 70th birthday!

John McKean enjoyed some homemade apple pie on his 70th birthday!

Due to expected December snowstorms, I’d confided to Art Montini, “we’ll probably only have 2 lifters attending my birthday meet- you & me- and I might not be able to make it!!” But the weather looked more like Art’s October meet, than one held during Christmas week! Heck , if travel weather was to be a big factor, I’m still wondering how Dean Ross made an over 19 hour one-way drive to beat me to my own contest!!

Yep, Dean continues his quest to more & more records, and did superbly with an energetic 8 new marks, despite summoning even more energy in returning to the road immediately for the repeat 19+ hour drive and an 8AM start for work in the morning!! Next in was Stephen Santangelo, all the way from northern Kentucky, with a present of an absolutely wonderful, natural organic apple pie, which his lovely wife (and fantastic cook!!) Lori had baked for the occasion EVERYBODY dove into this tasty, nutritional treat – Denny Habecker arrived from across state and didn’t even pocket his keys or take off his coat before he was chowing down on a piece of this large pie!! Thanks, Lori, for such a great birthday gift – this “brunch” made the meet, for all of us!!

Next in came the Cleveland crowd – Scott Schmidt and his ever smiling wife, then Denny Mitchell and Flossy, all amazed at easy travel through our normal snow belt! Both Scott & Dennis enjoyed this chance at another record day, since Art’s meet right after the World’s had left little training prep time in October. As Scott cheerfully exclaimed. “Wow, it’s so cool that we actually have another shot at records, with real training time behind it!”

Old Art Montini did a single lift with each of 5 lifts, acquiring an easy new 5 world records. And Stephen Santangelo treated us to a rarely seen “Saxon Snatch”, among others, with his specially built (and approved) equipment.

We all left the gym at a little past noon, despite all the chalk dust we had left flying! Outside it was bright sun and blue skies, and warming, with clear roads for travel. Now that it’s all over and done,” let it snow!!” Merry Christmas, all !


John’s 70th Birthday Records Day
Ambridge VFW Barbell Club
Duss Ave  Ambridge, PA
Dec 20, 2015

Officials (3-official system used: Denny Habecker, Scott Schmidt, Dennis Mitchell, Art Montini, John McKean


Dennis Mitchell  age 83 weight 151.5 div 80+,70K
1″bar left hand vertical bar deadlift 56 pounds
1″bar right hand vertical bar deadlift 56 #
left hand one arm Ciavattone deadlift 93#
right hand one arm Ciavattone deadlift 93#
stiff leg deadlift 150#

John McKean age 70 weight 165 div 70+, 75K
Straddle deadlift 2″ barbell 260 pounds
Hack lift 2″ barbell 210#
Power Row 174#
Trap Bar Deadlift 300#
Jefferson (Straddle lift) 259#
2 barbells deadlift 260#
one arm (R) barbell deadlift 209#
one arm (L) barbell deadlift 209#
right one arm dumbbell deadlift 175#
Alternate grip bench press 115#
Bench Press feet in air 120#

Stephen R Santangelo age 63 weight 166 div 60+, 80K
Fulton bar snatch 85 pounds
No thumb overhand deadlift  285#
No thumbs deadlift 305#
Saxon Snatch  80#
Dumbbell Walk 77#

Art Montini age 88 weight 174 div 85+, 80K
Little fingers straddle lift 45 pounds
Index fingers straddle lift 60#
ring fingers straddle lift 70 #
middle fingers straddle lift 88#
2″ barbell straddle lift 135#

Denny Habecker age 73 weight 195 div 70+ , 90K
Bench press hands together  135 pounds
Bench Press Fulton bar 170#
Deadlift 12″ base 265#

Scott Schmidt age 63 weight 231 div 60+, 105K
Right hand 2″ vertical bar deadlift 85K
Left hand 2″ vertical bar deadlift 85K
2 hand 2″ vertical bar deadlift 135K
French Press 55K
Bent over (power) Row 115K

Dean Ross age 73 weight 254.5 div 70+, 120K
Rectangular fix Fulton Bar 50 pounds
Holdout Fulton bar lowered 50#
Holdout Fulton bar raised 50#
Straddle deadlift 2″ bar 210 pounds
Deadlift 2″ bar  260#
Ciavattone Fulton bar deadlift  170#
Left hand Fulton bar deadlift 80#
Right hand Fulton bar deadlift 80#

Gold Cup

by Al Myers

Group picture from the 2015 IAWA Gold Cup in Perth, Western Australia.

Group picture from the 2015 IAWA Gold Cup in Perth, Western Australia.

I’m finally back home and adjusting to the time changes from my recent trip to Perth, Australia competing in the IAWA Gold Cup.  It’s a long ways to travel – but was well worth it as I had an outstanding time there.  Trips like this one creates memories far beyond the meet experience.  I was very fortunate on this meet trip that my wife Leslie and daughter Molly traveled with me. It was the FARTHEST they have ever flown before!  Now for some “reflections” on the 2015 IAWA Gold Cup.

First of all, meet promoter John Mahon did a phenomenal job.  He had carefully planned a three day event for the lifters. The first day consisting of the Gold Cup, the second day consisting of a Heavy Events competition, and the final day consisting of the very first ever international Old Time Strongman Challenge.  I will elaborate more on a later date on the OTSM and Heavy Events events in a blog, as today I want to stay focused on the Gold Cup.  John had a tremendous support group from his fellow Australian All Rounders to put on this event.  I know from my meet promotions that you can’t do it all by yourself – and how important it is to have help from others.  Peter Phillips really “stepped up” to help John.  Peter is a true warrior with the iron and besides being a great lifter, is a great person.  Peter competed ALL THREE DAYS, helped set up and tear down each day, hosted all of us at his house one night for an unbelievable Australian Barbie, took a day to join us for a tour of the farming country, loaded and officiated, and even celebrated his birthday amongst the weekend’s festivities!  Sam Trew has been a very involved lifter in IAWA events these past few years and worked hard “behind the scenes” setting up the competion venues.  Robin Lukosius kept everything organized and on schedule, as well as taking lots of pictures of the events (THANKS Robin for the photos!).  Others Australians very involved in this event were Anne Whitehead and the legendary John Patterson (I plan to do a story later on John).  I was glad to see other Australian lifters like Hercules Perryman, Bill Kappel,  Monica Cook, and others I’m sure I’m forgetting to mention.  The overall hospitality shown by the Australians was superb and way beyond expectations.

Injuries kept several out of the Gold Cup, but the lifting was outstanding. This was a true international event with the USAWA and the IAWA(UK) being in attendance with lifters competing.  My daughter Molly was the youngest lifter and performed great with her lifting. I was actually more nervous when she was on the platform than myself. She set new records in the Clean and Push Press with 55K, and then set the heaviest women’s Front Squat on the books with a 92.5K.  USAWA President Denny Habecker picked a difficult Gold Cup lift with the 2-Bar Deadlift, and after getting some balance issues out of the way in his warmups, lifted a solid 145K.   Veteran English lifter Steve Gardner again showed his strength with his fingers, lifting a big 100 KG in the Middle Fingers Straddle. Steve was busy all day with lifting and announcing the competition.  Karen Gardner looked really on good form with a big Continental Clean.  Graham Saxton rounded out the English crew, and showcased his pulling strength with a big dumbbell deadlift.  I got to spend alot of time over the week with Graham as we were all sharing a rental on a beach house.  Graham probably got more sun exposure than he has for years and kept getting redder as the week progressed.  By the end of our stay we were referring to him as BIG RED!

Peter Phillips breaking the oldest IAWA record on the books in the Feet in the Air Bench Press.  He broke a record held by Howard Prechtel which was set in 1989.

Peter Phillips breaking the oldest IAWA record on the books of all the lifters in the Feet in the Air Bench Press. He broke a record held by Howard Prechtel which was set in 1989.

Besides the Howard Prechtel Award, the Australians awarded a couple of special awards which I thought added a special local flare.  Peter Phillips won the Award for breaking the oldest IAWA record on the books with his fine 122.5K Bench Press with feet in air. This record breaking performance broke a mark previous held by a 1989 record of the late Howard Prechtel’s! The Gold Cup was the “brainchild” of Howard’s – and it gives me pleasure to see us recognize his memory every year with it. Records are meant to be broken – and I have always said if it means something to someone to break one of your records that even makes your record even more noteworthy. I’m sure Howard would have liked to see Peter take down this old record of his.   Also – a Wilf Chapman Award was given to the lifter who broke a record by the greatest percentage.  I knew Wilf when he was alive, and he was a dynamic personality.  I found this award to be fitting in his honor, as he was always complaining about the IAWA correction formulas!  The award went to Sam Trew with his record setting performance in the Left Hand Hacklift.

The Gold Cup concluded with a very fine banquet at the Belmont Recreational Center.  Much thanks and appreciation goes to those who prepared this fine meal. Great lifting – great food – great drink – great conversations – the true essence of the IAWA!


Sir Lance-A Lot’s RD

by Eric Todd

On Saturday, November 21, several of us gathered at my house to celebrate half a century of life for our good friend Lance Foster by getting together to attack the weights and the USAWA record book at the same time. It ended up being winter for the day, but it was fun and big weights were lifted nonetheless.  4 lifters from 3 states braved the cold to set the following records:

Ben Edwards     40 yrs    241#
Left hand 2” V-bar 205#
R’s Hammer 35#

Eric Todd    40 yrs    251#
Finger lift Right little         85#
Finger Lift Left Little 85#
Finger Lift Right Thumb 85#
Finger Lift Left Thumb 85#
Finger Lift Right Ring 155#
Finger Lift Left Ring 115#
Finger Lift Left Middle 150#

Lance Foster    50yrs     335#
Kennedy Lift        365#
Push Press From Rack      155#
Fulton Bar Jefferson 255#

Dean Ross     73yrs     256#
Finger Lift Right Middle 85#
Finger Lift Right Ring 65#
Deadlift Fingers little        95#
Deadlift Fingers Index      135
Deadlift Fingers Ring 115#
Deadlift Fingers  Middle  145#
Harness Lift 1010#

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