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2nd Quarter Postal

by Al Myers

2nd Quarter USAWA Postal Meet

Meet results:
2nd Quarter Postal Meet
Dates: April 1st – June 30th

Meet Director: Denny Habecker

Lifts: Clean and Press – On Knees, Strict Curl, Deadlift – No Thumbs

Dan Wagman – Certified Official RJ Jackson
LaVerne Myers – Certified Official Al Myers
Dean Ross – Certified Official Denny Habecker
Aidan Habecker – Certified Official Denny Habecker
Al Myers – Certified Official LaVerne Myers
RJ Jackson – Certified Official Jarrod Fobes
Tressa Brooner – Certified Official Mary McConnaughey

Denny Habecker and Mary McConnaughey used officials that were not certified.


Lifter Age BWT Press Curl DL TOT PTS
RJ Jackson 54 106 60 57 195 312 479.8
Tressa Brooner 54 132 75 65 185 325 435.5
Mary McConnaughey 56 304 65 75 185 325 274.3


Lifter Age BWT Press Curl DL TOT PTS
Dan Wagman OPEN 180 191 126 505 822 786.4
LaVerne Myers 72 236 100 101 242 443 481.7
Dean Ross 73 255 88 66 220 374 394.7
Aidan Habecker 12 122 50 39 127 216 355.1
Denny Habecker 73 188 50 66 154 270 335.1
Al Myers 49 230 111 111 101.2

NOTES: BWT is bodyweight in pounds. All lifts recorded in pounds. TOT is total pounds lifted. PTS are overall adjusted points corrected for age and bodyweight.

National Championships

by Al Myers



Frank Ciavattone (left) and Jeff Ciavattone (right) had the highest One Arm Ciavattone Grip Deadlifts of the meet, a lift named after Frank. Frank finished with 115 KG with Jeff right behind him at 110 KG (photo courtesy of Cara Ciavattone Collins)

Frank Ciavattone (left) and Jeff Ciavattone (right) had the highest One Arm Ciavattone Grip Deadlifts of the meet, a lift named after Frank. Frank finished with 115 KG with Jeff right behind him at 110 KG (photo courtesy of Cara Ciavattone Collins)

One thing I can always count on is that Frank Ciavattone will promote an outstanding meet! Frank promoted the USAWA National Championships last weekend, and it was one of the smoothest ran National Meets we have ever had.  We had 19 lifters (4 women and 15 men) compete over the course of 6 lifts on one platform and one day, and was finished by 5 oclock!

There was an extremely tight race for the women’s overall.  Cassie Morrison edged out her friend Lindsey Beary on her last lift in the Trap Bar Deadlift. Only 2 adjusted points separeted them when it was done. Susan Sees was very close behind them by 10 points, and Jessica Hopps only 30 points back. On any given day any of these gals could have taken the overall!

Joe Ciavattone Jr. won the Men’s Best Overall Lifter title over James Fuller. Joe Jr. had several lifts he really excelled at – his big 105K Heels Together Clean and Press and his 4th attempt in the Continental Snatch at 93KG. James lifted very solid all day finishing with a personal record in the Trap Bar Deadlift at 277.5KG. Randy Smith finished 3rd overall despite hurting his elbow on the Cheat Curl and finishing the day not full strength.  Joe Ciavattone Sr. also got injured on the Cheat Curl, hurting his shoulder. But after a trip to the ER was able to make it back with his arm in a sling as the meet was winding down.  Jeff Ciavattone seems to get bigger and stronger each time I see him!  He lifted very well even though he told me with his work schedule he has not been able to train recently! Jeff and his dad Frank had a great showdown in the One Arm Ciavattone Grip Deadlift, with Jeff making 110KG and Frank making 115KG.  Big Frank still amazes me with his gripping strength!

Newcomer to Frank’s Barbell Club Rocky Morrison came in 5th Overall, which is quite an accomplishment in his first Nationals.  I really enjoyed meeting and visiting with Rocky.  He will be a great addition to our organization.  Dino Gym member Dean Ross made the longest drive to Boston, driving over 1000 miles from Oklahoma. Dean came into this meet as strong as I’ve seen him.  He finished with a great 162.5KG Trap Bar Deadlift.

Several lifters were not able to take all the lifts as they are recovering from injuries and/or surgeries. This included Frank, Chad Ullom, Denny Habecker, and Aidan. However, they still performed very well in the lifts they did and supported our biggest meet of the year.  For that – they need applauded!

I want to really thank Frank, his family, and his club for all the work they did in putting on this Championships.  The loaders did a great job and helped make the meet move along at the pace it did.  The food the night before and after the meet was fantastic!  Frank knows how to be a great host!

Meet Results:

2016 USAWA National Championships
Balch School
Norwood, MA
June 25th, 2016

Meet Director: Frank Ciavattone

Announcer: Al Myers

Scorekeeper: Chad Ullom

Officials (3 official system used): Joe Ciavattone Sr., Denny Habecker, Frank Ciavattone, Dennis Mitchell, Chad Ullom

Loaders: Peter Vouno, Wade Marchand, Cream McDonald, Matt Traitti

Lifts: Continental Snatch, Cheat Curl, Clean and Press-Heels Together, Pullover and Press, Deadlift-Ciavattone Grip One Arm, Trap Bar Deadlift


Cassie Morrison 20 192  35 37.5 31.5 40 47.5-R 120 311.5 284.3
Lindsey Beary 20 188 35 40 37.5 40 52.5-R 100 305 282.5
Susan Sees 53 219 25 35 35 45 42.5-R 100 282.5 273.4
Jessica Hopps 32 187 30 30 30 37.5 55-R 85 267.5 248.3

Extra Lifts for Record:
Lindsey Beary: DL-CG, Right Arm 57.5
Lindsey Beary: Continental Snatch 40
Susan Sees: DL-CG, Right Arm 45


Joe CiavattoneJr. 23 215 85  92.5 105 125 90-R 240 737.5 633.7
James Fuller 44 250 80 105 75 100 100-R 277.5 737.5 613.7
Randy Smith 61 198 57.5 75 50 60 90-R 150 482.5 528.4
Jeff Ciavattone 36 259 72.5 85 67.5  95 110-R 240 670 521.8
Rocky Morrison 54 295 55 67.5 65 80 85-R 215 567.5 477.4
Dean Ross 73 257 35 57.5 40 70 70-L 162.5 435 455.7
James Morrison 17 160 40 50 45 60 60-R 147.5 402.5 431.0
Art Montini 88 172 20 32.5 25 45 55-L 90 267.5 388.1
Dennis Mitchell 84 150 13.5 33 10.5 35 43-L 90 225 346.5
Bob Geib 73 268 25 30 35 0 60-R 100 250 256.4
Joe CiavattoneSr. 47 230 70 72.5 142.5 127.2
Frank Ciavattone 61 302 115-R 115 101.5
Denny Habecker 73 192 80 —- 80 98.0
Chad Ullom 44 249 100-L 100 83.5
Aidan Habecker 12 120 22.5 22.5 37.3

Extra Lifts for Record:
Joe Ciavattone Jr: Continental Snatch 93

Notes: BWT is bodyweight in pounds. All lifts recorded in kilograms. R and L designate right and left arms. TOT is total kilograms lifted. PTS are overall points adjusted for bodyweight and age.

Best Lifter Awards:
Women Senior 20-39: Cassie Morrison
Woman Master 40+: Susan Sees
Mens Master 40-44: James Fuller
Mens Master 45-49: Joe Ciavattone Sr.
Mens Master 50-54: Rocky Morrison
Mens Master 60-64: Randy Smith
Mens Master 70-74: Dean Ross
Mens Master 80-84: Dennis Mitchell
Mens Master 85-89: Art Montini
Mens Junior: James Morrison
Mens Senior 20-39: Joe Ciavattone Jr.
Womens Overall Best Lifter: Cassie Morrison
Mens Overall Best Lifter: Joe Ciavattone Jr.
Best Club: Frank’s Barbell Club

Heavy Lift Championships

by Al Myers


Meet Results:

Heavy Lift Championships
Habecker’s Gym
Lebanon, PA
May 7th, 2016

Meet Director: Denny Habecker

Officials: Denny Habecker

Lifts: Neck Lift, Hand and Thigh Lift, Hip Lift

 Lifter  Age BWT  Neck H&T Hip TOT  PTS
 James Fuller  44  249  500  1000  1510  3010  2513.5
 Frank Ciavattone  61  300  300  802  1206  2308  2044.5
 Art Montini  88  173  155  400  703  1258  1818.2
 Dean Ross 73  255  155  653  846  1654  1741.8
 Barry Bryan  58  191  250  503  806  1559  1703.3
 Rocky Morrison  54 300  330  603  1106  2039  1695.6
Cassie Morrison 20 194 325 350 806 1481 1348.2

Notes: BWT is bodyweight in pounds. All lifts recorded in pounds. TOT is total pounds lifted. PTS are overall points corrected for age and bodyweight corrections.

Zercher Meet

by Al Myers


APRIL 23RD, 2016

Meet Director: Bill Clark

Scorer: Bill Clark

Officials: Bill Clark and Joe Garcia

Loaders: James Foster and the Lifters

Lifts: Leg Press, Clean and Jerk, Clean and Press – Heels Together, Hack Lift, Deadlift – Heels Together, Deadlift – One Arm, Bench Press – Feet in Air, Zercher Lift, Steinborn Lift, Neck Lift, Hand and Thigh Lift, Hip Lift, Harness Lift

Joe Garcia Bill Clark
Age  62  83
Bodyweight  94.8  98.6
Leg Press 350  —
Clean and Jerk  155
Clean & Press- HT 155  —
Hack  285 165
Deadlift-HT  315  185
Deadlift-1 Arm 225R 150R&L
Bench – FIA  225  100
Zercher 265
Steinborn 125
Neck 445
Hand & Thigh 1125 425
Hip 1505 705
Harness 2020 1005
Total 7095 2735
Points 7713.1 6274.0

Notes: BWT in kilograms.  All weights recorded in pounds. R and L designate right and left arms. Total is total pounds lifted.  Points are adjusted points corrected for bodyweight and age correction.

Record Day Lifts

Dave Beversdorf – Age 50, BWT 295#
Bench Press – 2 Barbells: 270#
Bench Press – Right Arm: 155#
Bench Press – Left Arm: 155#
Bench Press – Alternate Grip: 365#

Joe Garcia – Age 62, BWT 94.8KG
Vertical Bar Lift – 1 Bar, 2″, Right Hand: 147#
Vertical Bar Lift – 1 Bar, 2″, Left Hand: 147#

Frank’s Record Day

by Frank Ciavattone

FRANK’S BARBELL CLUB -Record Breakers Day

Jeff Ciavattone pulling on a thumbless grip deadlift at Frank's Record Day.

Jeff Ciavattone pulling on a thumbless grip deadlift at Frank’s Record Day.

Rainy and on the eve of a snowstorm…
This team meet was the largest we’ve had with the 9 lifters showing up. Jim Fuller from Portland, Maine, Pastor Peeter Pirn from Cleveland, Ohio, along with 3 new lifters representing Frank’s Barbell Club: Cassie Morrison, Mike Driscoll and Rocky Morrison. And our veteran lifters: Jess Hopps, Joseph Ciavattone Jr, Joseph Ciavattone, Sr., Frank Ciavattone and Jeff Ciavattone. Along with the exceptional turnout we also had many spectators present to observe this meet.

All of these lifters, in their own way, shined. A little bio about each lifter:
Cassie Morrison – Cassie shows true determination as a relatively new lifter. And definitely will show her true talent in the upcoming meets. Her 2″ Hack was a very easily done lift.

Our second lifter, Jess Hopps, is in her third year competing and is starting to show her all around talent as you can see in the results of this meet. Her 2″ deadlift was actually done with the Ciavattone grip.

It was great to se Joe Ciavattone Jr. Back and like Jess showed his all around feets of strength. All easily done. Jeff Ciavattone, performed all his lifts with ease. Especially his two hands thumbless deadlift, with 206 Kilo, with room for much more. Next was Joe Ciavattone, Sr., Joe not only refereed the meet but he also competed. All of Joe’s lifts were impressive with much more to spare.

Jim Fuller, who continually shows how to perform the all around lifts with excitement and to astonish the crowd. Pastor Peeter Pirn, who always smiled whether a miss lift or a record lift and TRULY was a crowd pleaser with all of his lifts. He will be a definite asset to this sport. Mike Driscoll, our new lifter, Mike has natural strength and has been training for approximately for three months and shows improvement after every workout. His highlift for Mike was a trap bar deadlift with a weight of 182 kilos.

Rocky Morrison in action with a Trap Bar Deadlift.

Rocky Morrison in action with a Trap Bar Deadlift.

Rocky Morrison, who not only is a large man but lifts large weights with only 7 months training. Was able to perform 211 kilo trap bar deadlift. An outstanding lift that was executed with ease. As being the meet director hearing the crowd and other lifters applauding everyones high lighted lifts surely made this a successful and wonderful meet.

Now…On to train for the NATIONALS!!!!!!


Frank’s Record Day
Frank’s Barbell Club
April 16th, 2016

Meet Director: Frank Ciavattone

Cassie Morrison: 20 years, 187 pounds
Hack Dead Lift 2″ Bar 52 ½ K

Jess Hopps: 31 years, 182 pounds
2 Hand Barbell Clean and reverse grip press 27 ½ k
2 Hand Barbell clean & alternate press 27 ½ k
Clean and Press on Knees 25 k
Clean & Press behind neck 25 k
2 Hand Deadlift 81 k

Joeseph Ciavattone Jr.:  22 years,  215 pounds
Ring Fingers Deadlift 117 k
2 hand thumbless Deadlift 182 k
2 hand Fulton Hack lift 162 k
Cheatcurl lefthand 40 k
1 arm Cheatcurl righthand 40 k

Jeff Ciavattone: 36 years, 255 pounds
2″ Fulton Righthand 92 ½ k
2″ Fulton Lefthand 83 k
2 hand thumbless Deadlift 206 k
2 hand Index finger Deadlift 80 k

Jim Fuller:  44 years, 249 pounds
Baby Finger Deadlift 50 k
Ring Finger Deadlift 50 k
Middle Finger Deadlift 50 k
Index Finger Deadlift 50 k
2 hand Thumbless Deadlifts 182 k
Trapbar Deadlifts 273 k

Joe Ciavattone, Sr.:  47 years, 229 pounds
Deadlift middle fingers 90 k
2 hand 2″ vertical bar Deadlift 120 k
Trap bar Deadlift 160 k

Peeter Pirn: 52 years, 198 pounds
Seated Press – From Rack, Behind Neck 50K
2 hand 2″ vertical Bar 125 k
Power Row bent over Rowe 91 k

Mike Driscoll:  54 years, 192 pounds
1 hand Ciavattone lift 85 k
1 hand Ciavattone right 80 k
Trap Bar dead lift 182 k
2″ hack lift 142 k

Rocky Morrison: 54 years, 303 pounds
1 Hand Ciavattone Lift Lefthand 92 ½ k
1 Hand Ciavattone Lift Righthand 95 k
Trapbar deadlift 211 k

Frank Ciavattone: 61 years, 285 pounds
Weaver Stick Right Hand Forward 2.8 k

***The two referee rule system was used: Frank Ciavattone, Joseph Ciavattone Sr. All weights shown are in Kilos. Special Thank you to James Morrison for loading all the weights, To Rocky Morrison for providing coffee and donuts. Thank Jim and Peter for cominmg the distance to help allow us to making this meet a big success!

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