Dave Hahn

by Al Myers

Al Myers (left) and Dave Hahn (right) at the 2010 USAWA Team Nationals.

Last month at the USAWA Team Nationals at the Dino Gym we had a surprise attendee – Dave Hahn.  I had previously exchanged a few emails with Dave, but it was a great honor to have him make it to the gym and get to actually meet him in person.   I know several of the “oldtimers” in the USAWA probably know Dave and competed in meets with him 20 plus years ago.  I am always looking back at old meet results and records, and his name is in ALL OF THEM.  Dave knew and mentioned a couple of current USAWA members that he has fond memories of – Wilbur Miller and Charlie Scott.  I enjoyed listening to his stories about these two. Dave was primarily an Olympic Lifter, but did compete in the early days of the USAWA.  His last USAWA competition was in the early 90’s at Bill Clark’s annual Zercher Classic.  Before this, he competed in many All-Round Weightlifting Meets directed by Bill Clark, then under the Region IV Missouri Valley organization.  Dave had been a subscriber to Bill Clark’s newsletters since the early 1960’s.   He commented to me that most of his early All-Round lifting was done at Bill Clark’s annual weightlifter’s picnics, which were held at a park in Columbia, Missouri.

I would like to mention a few of the records Dave established in the old Region IV Record List:  Cheat Curl of 255# at 181# bodyweight in 1962, Strict Curl of 175# at 181# bodyweight in 1962, Right Hand and Left Hand Dumbbell Press of 115# at 181# bodyweight in 1962, Seated Press of 210# at 181# bodyweight in 1962, and a Standing Press Behind Neck of 190# at 198# bodyweight in 1961.  These are just a few.  Dave told me that he could press almost as much as he could Clean and Jerk, and thus he retired from Olympic Lifting when the Press was eliminated from competition.

Dave now lives in Overland Park, Kansas but works in Milwaukee.  He commutes back home every weekend. He still trains with weights and looks in great shape.

Dave, thanks for taking the time to come to an All-Round Meet.  We really enjoyed meeting you and having you at the Dino Gym. But next time I’m going to talk you into competing!