Davis lifts Dinnie Stones!

by Al Myers

On December 7th, 2010, Roger Davis made a strapless lift of the Dinnie Stones.

Congratulations to Roger Davis for successfully lifting the Dinnie Stones!!  On a cold, snowy day on December 7th, 2010 Roger made another trek to the Potarch Hotel, the home of the Dinnie Stones.  Roger has lifted the stones before, but this time he achieved a STRAPLESS LIFT of the Dinnie Stones.  The Dinnie Stones weigh 321 pounds and 413 pounds apiece.  Both stones have ring handles attached which makes the grip on them a hard one to handle!  It takes someone with a very strong grip to be able to hold onto them – let alone a strong back to lift the total weight of 734 pounds in a modified-Jefferson style.

Roger has been a big contributor to the IAWA, having competed in the last 3 IAWA World Championships.  He is an outstanding spokesman for All-Round Weightlifting.  He has had numerous articles published in MILO related to All-Round lifting.  Roger is a CLASS INDIVIDUAL and I’m so glad to see him accomplish this long-standing goal of his.  Way to go Roger!!!!