Dino Gym: 2011 Club of the Year

by Al Myers

The centerpiece of the Dino Gym.

The nomination & voting period is over  for the 2011 USAWA yearly awards, to be awarded at the National Championships in several categories for outstanding performances within the USAWA.  I have just finished the tabulations and I am getting ready to contact the awards shop to get the awards made up.  So – I KNOW who the winners are but that’s still a secret until the awards presentation time!  But there is ONE AWARD that is announced ahead of time – the USAWA Club of the Year.  The reason it’s announced early is that it is really not a “mystery” as to who the winner is as this is the one award that is based on generating points instead of votes.  I have outlined this point system several times in the past so I won’t “rehash” all that now.  What I’m trying to say is this – anyone can add up the points on their own as ALL of the information is available on the website to do so, thus this winner is “no mystery”.

No club can win an award like this based on one individuals performance or effort.  It takes contributions of several.  I want to thank EVERYONE who was part of CLUB DINO GYM this past year, because this is EVERYONE’S AWARD.  I was VERY pleased how our gym functions were attended by gym members.  For the year 2011, the Dino Gym set a record for the most individual memberships to represent any USAWA club – EVER!  A total of 25 lifters joined the USAWA that listed the Dino Gym as their member club. I want to recognize and thank these lifters now (in alphabetical order): Chris Anderson, Darren Barnhart, Casey Barten, Nolan Berry, Rudy Bletscher, Scott Campbell, Chuck Cookson, Matt Cookson, Tyeler Cookson, Sam Cox, Ben Edwards, Lance Foster, Brian Krenzin, Chris Krenzin, Tyler Krenzin, Cody Lokken, Mark Mitchell, Russ Morton, Al Myers, Emily Myers, Molly Myers, LaVerne Myers, Dean Ross, Scott Tully, and Chad Ullom.

The final standings for the 2011 USAWA CLUB OF THE YEAR (only top 5 listed, for clubs generating over 10 points):

1.  Dino Gym – 56 points

2.  Ledaig Athletic Club – 21 points

3.  Jackson Weightlifting Club – 16 points

4.  Clarks Gym – 14 points

5.  Ambridge Barbell Club – 12 points

As per the original rules for the Club of the Year, the defending USAWA Club of the Year is not eligible the following year, and instead is responsible for “passing the title” at the next year’s awards presentation.  Thus, Habecker’s Gym, the 2010 USAWA Club of the Year, is not in the rankings.