Dumbbell to Shoulder

by Thom Van Vleck

A great photo of Al doing the DB to the Shoulder

A great photo of Al doing the DB to the Shoulder


As we get ready for the OTSM Championships to be held by Eric Todd (see the upcoming events section) I thought it might be good to go over the events as a review.  Today I’m looking at the Dumbbell to Shoulder lift.  A bit of history on this event was the Dumbbell to the shoulder was a lift from the 1904 Olympics in St. Louis.  This was really a one handed dumbbell clean and really didn’t fit the criteria for an OTSM lift.  So it was switched up to be a two hands “anyhow” type of lift.  I think it’s a really unique lift and one my favorites in the OTSM line up (and not just because I came up with it!).

Dumbbell to Shoulder – A Dumbbell will be taken from the floor to the shoulder using any method the lifter wants to employ. The dumbbell may be lifted with two hands, continental style, may be rested on the belt during the lift, by any part of the dumbbell. Hands may grip the plates, bar, collars or any part of the dumbbell. Any size plate may be loaded onto the dumbbell.The lift is completed when the lifter is standing upright, with the dumbbell resting on the shoulder, and the lifter demonstrating control. Both hands may remain on the dumbbell to complete the lift, or with one hand or both hands off the dumbbell. Time limit of 1 minute is given to complete the lift. An official will give a command to end the lift.

Come out the the OTSM meet and check it out.  Check the record book as I think this lift is pretty wide open in many categories for a record!  See you then.