Entry for Worlds Reminder

by Al Myers

The IAWA World Championships in now just a little over a month away – with the entry deadline being September 15th.  Entries have been coming in slow, so if you are coming it’s now TIME to get that entry in.  Chad and I are going to alot of work to make this a great meet, but we need to get a good “head count” to make the appropriate plans.  I have only 1 more week to turn in my shirt and awards order to get things done in time, and knowing the number of lifters that plan on attending is VERY IMPORTANT in our making this decision on how much to order.  It’s costing us enough the way it is without estimating too high on awards & shirts, and then having too many extras.  Depending on the number of entries by the deadline, we MAY or MAY NOT accept late entries.  But if we do take late entries, the entry charge will be $100 instead of the $75 it is if you get your entry in on time.  I want to also mention that oversea lifters need only to email me their entry by the deadline, and may pay at the time of meet checkin.  But this DOES NOT apply to USAWA lifters!

The blog outlining the details of the 2012 IAWA World Championships is found here:


The host hotel for Worlds is the Ramada  Conference Center and Hotel .  The blog giving the details on this can be found here:


If you are just interested in the entry form, here it is again:

2012 World Championship Entry Form