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    So now I have proof that Al is a bodybuilder.

    Only a bodybuilder would pick an old picture of me lifting a bodybuilder’s sissy weight. AND it’s not even a picture of an all-round lift. Sheesh….

    What’s wrong Al, the picture I sent you of me pulling 275 with my middle finger was too manly?

    I won’t give you too hard a time, though. I’m sure the fumes from the baby oil you use every time you train have clogged the majority of your synapses. Of course it’s also possible that your posing trunks are too tight around your junk, thus limiting blood flow to your brain.

    Oh Al, we’re gonna have to have a talk….


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    Those who are enamored of practice without science
    are like a pilot who goes onto a ship without rudder or
    compass and never has any certainty to where he is going.

    Leonardo Da Vinci; 1452-1519

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    Al Myers

    haha Dan, You know anytime you send me a picture it may end up on the website!!!!!

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