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    Steve Freides

    Looking for guidance on bench heights for AWA lifts. USAPL and AAU both say 42 to 45 cm, which is roughly 16-1/2 to 17-3/4 in. I measured my own bench at home – 19″ from the top of the cushion to the ground.

    I couldn’t find mention of this in the rule book except for the Van Dam lift where 12″ minimum is mentioned. Is my 19″ bench USAWA legal if I wanted to host a local meet?

    Thanks in advance.


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    Al Myers

    Steve, there are no ht requirements on benches unless the individual rules of a lift says so. We do allow boards/plates to be placed under a lifter’s feet if they feel the bench height is too high. Al

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    Steve Freides

    Thanks, Al.


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