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    Al Myers

    It won’t be long and I’m gonna be announcing the USAWA Grip Championships for the third weekend of Feb. I’m still trying to decide on the lifts. So if anyone has any recommendations, please let them be known! Two lifts I will have for sure are the Pinch Grip – Strict and the Pinch Grip Deadlift. I have to do this to make up for the “Pinch Grip Debacle” of last year. Afterwards I really felt bad about all that and hope it doesn’t keep people from coming back to the Grip Champs.

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    Ben Edwards

    Hi Al! Hope your holiday (and everyone else!) was fantastic.

    Glad you want some input for the Grip Champs. I plan on being there. Never know 100% with my job schedule though.

    I have spent the past hour going over all the past Grip Champs (and the 2010 Grip Challenge) and comparing the lifts that have been contested over the years.

    In 2010, the one that Andrew Durniat was at, we had the Little Fingers Deadlift. He hit 200lbs on an extra attempt and I hit 175lbs to win the event on my 3rd attempt.

    So my 1st recommendation is to have the Little Fingers Deadlift again.

    You know I love the Middle Fingers Deadlift, but it has been in 4 of the Grip Champs. 2011, 2014, 2016, and 2017.

    My 2nd recommendation is to have the single hand 2″ vertical bar again. The last time it was in the Grip Champs was 2013.

    I am always going to be weak on the pinch events, so I will refrain from commenting on those, lol.

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    Ben Edwards

    Not an official lift (yet?), but I always wondered why the 3″ bar was not contested with a Ciavattone grip to really test the grip. It would also be welcome to most guys with back issues because nobody is going to get anywhere close to what their back can handle unless they have 9″ long hands. Since I mentioned Durniat in the previous post, I believe he has pulled about 300lbs double overhand on a 3″ bar. And about 400lbs double overhand on a 2 and 3/8″ bar recently. And about 475lbs on a 2″ bar double overhand.

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    Lance Foster

    Ben – are you going to submit the lift?

    Al – How about including the Dinnie Lift at the Grip meet?

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    Al Myers

    I do like to always include a fingers deadlift just because I am mean that way. haha

    Actually I’ve thinking of having the Ring Fingers Deadlift just because it has not been in a grip Champs yet.

    Lance – the 2″ 1 Bar VB Lift is in. Thanks.

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    Ben Edwards

    Looks like a cool list of events! I don’t think I’ve ever tried the ring fingers deadlift. Should be a blast. I like that the pinch events are separated by the other events though. Seems like that will help with the forearm congestion that the pinch events hit me (and I assume others) with.

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