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    Al Myers

    I’ve been busy getting ready for the Grip Championships. After that bad storm ruined my Dino Challenge this year, it looks like the weather gonna be perfect this weekend. I have had MANY lifters tell me they are coming. I’m hoping its the biggest attended Grip Championships EVER.

    Also – reminder to everyone that weighins start at NOON, with lifting starting at 1. I expect us to be done by 5. I had to push the start time back this year because I have to work Sat morning and won’t be done till 12. It’s gonna be a great meet for sure.

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    Ben Edwards

    My wife surprised me in a good way and said she will be driving with me and we are bringing Tiny Overlord with us. Having them to cheer me on will help me push through. We were both sick for a week. Carrie still has a sinus infection, but started antibiotics today so we hope she will be feeling a lot better by tomorrow. I am just today getting some energy back and the body aches are mostly gone. But I don’t want to miss the Grip Champs no matter what.

    Also want to thank Dan Wagman for the great advice on healing my middle finger skin! It is tender, but way better than my healing has been for the last decade. Putting light pressure on the skin has been the exact opposite of what I would normally do after a bad skin tear. But as soon as I started using a lightly knurled handle (gently pulling against it with my middle finger) my healing began to accelerate. I now think it will at least hold for a token 225lb middle finger deadlift. And I am grateful for that!

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