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    Thom Van Vleck

    It was great seeing some old friends and making some new one’s at the grip meet. Been a tough few years for me. Cancer sucks. Seeing old friends helps renew my soul and get my desire to get back in the gym going!

    Ben Edwards: Thanks for letting my son bend your ear. He’ll do that all day and you were very nice to him. But that doesn’t surprise me in the least. You are one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met.

    Al: Hard to imagine how long we’ve known each other. You are a great friend. Your Pops Laverne is a wonderful man.

    Chad: I’ve known you almost as long a Al. Always great to see you. Cal is gonna be a great lifter…well…actually..he already is!

    John, Jason, and your boys: Keep those boys at it. They did a great job.

    Dean: I sometimes wonder if there’s anyone besides Chad I’ve competed with, against, or judged over the years. You keep on going.

    Scott Tully: Always a pleasure. Great lifter even after all the injuries. Impressive. But Al’s stuff so he can get that hot tub. Haha

    Denny: A great lifter who’s great to hang out with later.

    Mary: You know the score. Nothing but love and respect. It was great to meet Tressa.

    Thom Van Vleck
    Jackson Weightlifting Club
    All-Round nice guy

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    Chad Ullom

    Not much to add there Thom! Well said, great to see you buddy. Had a great time at cowtippers also, but the young bucks put us to shame! LOL

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    Al Myers

    I can’t express enough thanks how thankful I am that all of you show up to my meets. It was an unbelievable weekend of fun – and that is what keeps me doing this.

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