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    Al Myers

    I was lucky to get to meet and lift with John Vernacchio. He was still very involved when I started in the USAWA. As I put up his HOF bio yesterday it gave me some time to reflect on his contributions to the USAWA. There are very few who influenced (and got started) lifters in our organization like John did. I read through all the past blogs on John – and let me tell you, his HOF bio does not give him the credit he deserves. However, when his bio was done originally I had him proof it and he wanted to keep it simple so I have kept it that way as that is how he wanted it.

    He’s been gone for several years now. I wonder – how many of you on the forum knew him? If so please respond.

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    Denny Habecker

    John Vernacchio got me started in the USAWA. It was through him that I got be friends with so many of the British lifters and many of the USAWA lifters as well. John was very dedicated to the USAWA and any other kind of weightlifting. I would say he got more people into the USAWA than anybody ever did. He also ran the 1987 National Masters Weightlifting Championships and the 1989 Pan American Masters Weightlifting Championships, in addition to the Eastern Masters Weightlifting and Powerlifting meets that he ran for many years and many three lift USAWA meets. One year John competed in 24 meets including weightlifting, powerlifting and allrounds. He was also too generous for his own good, which was one of the reasons his gym in Limerich didn’t succeed. I will always be thankful to have called John Vernacchio my friend.

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    Al Myers

    Thank you Denny for those comments. I know we have discussed John many times in our conversations (including just recently at the Presidential Cup).

    One thing that is very important to me is to always remember the great people that have passed on in our organization. I want their memory to “live on” in our organization forever. And Denny – The last time I saw John was in 2009 at your place when you hosted the Heavy Lift Championships. He showed up towards the end of the meet and visited with us for several hours.

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    I never had the honor of meeting him. Sounds like a great man.

    I'm the lyrical Jesse James

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