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    Al Myers

    I was very excited today when John McKean submitted todays story for the USAWA Daily News. I love John’s stories, and when I read them, can visualize him telling the story “word for word” as it’s written! John is one who likes to think “outside the box” and often gives insight to things that you haven’t heard before.

    We are very fortunate to have a great writer like John submitting us stories for our website!!

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    Another great one. I love John’s stories. It seems he is a true historian when it comes to this stuff.

    I'm the lyrical Jesse James

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    Jeff Roark

    I guess there is no better time to introduce myself. My name is Jeff Roark and I stumbled onto articles by John McKean years ago. I got the nerve up to email and him and found John to be quick to reply along with sharing his knowledge on anything you could ask him about. He told me about the USAWA years ago and I would occasionally stop by here and read all the great articles. There is loads of knowledge shared that I am starting play around with like partials, iso’s, and support lifts. I’ve done a bit of one hand work back in the day but never really worked on it. 2 or 3 sessions and I would move on. Sort of got it in my mid to beat my old one arm snatch and dumbell swing records without killing myself!

    If its ok I’ll share my youtube page and some of my old lifts. If not, I’ll remove the links.

    One arm barbell snatch

    Military Press

    bottom position squats

    look forward learning and sharing.

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    Jeff Roark

    By the way I was the first to see that article, before it even hit the presses! thanks John.

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    Al Myers

    Welcome to the forum Jeff! And thanks for sharing those videos.

    John is a wealth of information. He also is one who shares his knowledge with others. I sure hope you can make it to a USAWA event sometime. Al

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    Jeff Roark

    THANKS Al. I’d love to get to come and do one eventually. I’m on the backburner for a bit with a knee injury from a judo throw going to have to see how it heals up.

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    Ben Edwards

    Nice to see you on the forum, Jeff! Would love to meet you at a USAWA contest in the future. Good luck on the healing, buddy. I have been there (Judo throws, etc.) and it takes some time to heal. I healed pretty fast when I was 25. Not so much at 42 though, lol.

    Always enjoy reading John McKean’s writing!

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