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    Al Myers

    I found it interesting the number of oldtimers (preUSAWA) that have exceeded Goerners mark. There was definitely alot of interest in finger deadlifting then as well. Gotta a trivia question for ya. For the lifters I gave their residence but for a couple (Bill Broadrux and Joe Nanney) their addresses were listed as MSP and USP. Does anyone know what I mean by this? Now if Joe G reads this he can’t answer because I know he knows the answer!

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    I know Clark used to take meets to the prisons. Does it have anything to do with that? Ike United States PRison or something?

    I'm the lyrical Jesse James

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    Al Myers

    ET you win the prize!

    Broadrux was a resident at MSP (Missouri State Penitentiary) in Jefferson City while Nanney was serving time at USP (United States Penitentiary) in Leavenworth,KS. Joe Nanney was a lifter in one of the very first prison meets that Bill conducted in 1961. I consider the origin of the All Rounds in the Mo Valley to be that year, even though odd lifts were done before that, just not in official competitions.

    Bill was really impressed with Joe Nanney’s lifting ability and often commented on him in the Journals for years afterwards. Now does anyone know what he was most famous for lifting wise? and its not his middle finger deadlift. Al

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