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    A little slow on the old forum, so I thought I would share a PR from today. Teeth lift-260 pounds. Steve Schmidt, here I come! Left some in the tank, as maybe I have figured these out. I would share with you what that looks like, but then I thought “What would Al do?”

    I'm the lyrical Jesse James

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    Al Myers

    Great job ET!!!

    I was fortunate to see Steve do several of his big teeth lifts (including his 390). I know if you really wanted build a huge teeth lift you could. As you get super heavy the limiting factor is neck strength, which you have an abdundance of!!!

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    Lance Foster

    Way to get after it, ET!

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    Thanks guys. I saw a couple of Steve’s big lifts as well. Seemed like he used to do it both hands on knees and upright. I have only done upright. You definitely feel it in your neck. Funny thing is from doing it It went down through my neck and aggravated my left rhomboid (though it is usually aggravated ). It is now not unlike a piano string. I did not imagine it would pull that far away, but it certainly did. Funny what muscles some of these oddball lifts recruit…

    I'm the lyrical Jesse James

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    Nice motivation. I teeth lifts part of my training but have made little progress.

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