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    Looks like an excellent affair. That Collin Cortez looks like the real deal! Each of those lifts are legit! Good job to all.

    I'm the lyrical Jesse James

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    Collin Cortez

    Thanks Eric, I compete in Powerlifting and Strongman but this is more fun. I had a great time and everyone was very nice. I hope to bring this down to Louisiana when I move back the end of the year. So hopefully there will be some southern interest and we can make the sport grow!

    Strongman Athlete and Powerlifter. Newbie to USAWA

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    Ben Edwards

    Great job to everyone!

    I was definitely going to congratulate Collin as well!

    Jenn did some incredible 2″ vbar work! That is WAY (159.5lbs) in the lead as the heaviest 2″ vbar done by a female in the USAWA. Unless I missed it on the list – I skimmed it a bit a few minutes ago.

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    Al Myers

    Ben, I officiated her VBAR lift. VERY IMPRESSIVE. She had 82.5KG lifted but just couldn’t hold it long enough for a down command. Jenn is very strong on all grip lifts.

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