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    Best article I have read in a while. I firmly believe that the absurdity of some of our lifts adversely affects our credibility to anyone who looks through our list. We have MANY great lifts, and I am certainly not opposed to new lifts that are decent, but we have way too many that are foolish. You mentioned the Lano Lift? I had to look it up. Who even feels like trying that circus act? How about the Ziegler clean? It is like the old finishing schools for young ladies where they had to walk with books on their head in order to practice proper posture. We may as well do a clean whilst wearing a dunce cap; it would look about equally as impressive. I also agree that we do not need to keep combining old lifts to make “new” lifts. We do not need to combine the neck lift with a dumbell cheat curl or combine a middle finger lift with a 1 arm Ciavattone DL. The idea of getting rid of some of the official lifts of the USAWA is not one that I am opposed to. Not sure why we have so many that the IAWA does not have. I would say that we do away with anything that gives shame to the organization. Anything that makes you giggle or blush when discussing it with outsiders. PRobbaly anything that only has a handful of records in the book, because people are too ashamed to try it or 99.9 percent of the population does not have the physical capacity of even doing at all. Anyhow, great article Al, and lots of food for though.

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    Al Myers

    hahaha Great response ET! There’s so much truth in what you just said.

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    Ben Edwards

    Yeah, I think Eric is spot on with the remark about “…anything that makes you giggle or blush when discussing it with outsiders.” I love the USAWA as a whole, but the few times I’ve had a coworker tell me they’re interested enough to look over the rulebook they kind of get the glazed over eyes look when they see the plethora of strange lifts. Obviously, not all of them are lifts I think should be gotten rid of. But there are some that a majority of members would say to trash if given the vote.

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