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    Ben Edwards

    So it turns out I’m not suited for Ring Fingers Deadlift. I thought since I was decent at the Middle Fingers Deadlift that it would somehow inoculate me against weakness and injury in the other finger deadlifts. Long story short is that I “tested” my baseline a few days ago and strained my right ring finger. I had it as the pronated finger like I do with the Middle Fingers Deadlift. Something about this lift really lit my tendon up big time. I probably should’ve tested it a few weeks previously but I didn’t. On the plus side, I am glad I didn’t strain it a few days before the contest!

    Tendon strains are weird. I can’t close a Trainer gripper without pain on the right hand now. But I did a 2″ vbar workout and barely felt it. That might be because I’m more of a “cupper” than a “squeezer” on thickbar.


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    Lance Foster

    I hope it’s better soon.

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    I have never had that happen on finger DLs, but it has always been a concern. I remember Joe Secord having that issue when he was doing All-Round back in the early 2000s. Take care, Ben.

    I'm the lyrical Jesse James

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