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    Timo Lauttamus

    Basically i lost my youth with this and i was turning 38 years just after new year.. ..dreaming about it when i was child.. ..been training well over twenty years for it. I made appointment to the new gym few days ago and realized on the morning it’s going to happen. Strange to have that energy i felt i could climb the mountain and all i had to do was 1RM chin up.

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    Chad Ullom

    Congratulations Timo! Not only for achieving this but for working so long and hard to get there. Outstanding!

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    Timo Lauttamus

    Thanks Chad!! Feels definitely much better after longest and rockiest road ever.

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    You need to get your chins as a record. My gawd. You should ask Al because we have it as a USAWA lift. Maybe IAWA will adopt it.

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    Timo Lauttamus

    Hello Ruth,

    I think it’s better keep all-around weightlifting simple as doing lifts on the platform using barbells, dumbbells etc..

    I can always try to set chin up records here in Finland under the chin up association.

    I believe there is lot of tiny kids in Scotland dreaming about lifting Dinnies it’s tradition over there as underhand chin ups for Finns. I’ve been dreaming about exceeding 100kg mark since late 80’s and posting video of my biggest achievement means more than any official lift I’ve ever done.

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    Al Myers

    Timo, That is unbelievable! I’m very impressed. Al

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    Timo Lauttamus

    Thanks Al!

    I was showing the video for my 83 years old Dad and felt like he was proud of me.. ..good moments. It was back in late 80’s when we watched sport news and there was clip from Finnish Champs of Chin Up and the winner pulled 92,5kg. My Dad was asking “can you do that?” My answer “I will.”

    Al, i know you do like tales.. ..and this is something to share with you :-)

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    Randy Smith

    Timo, Thank you for posting this. Very inspiring for this old rock climber.

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    Timo Lauttamus

    Thanks Randy!

    You’re welcome. Did you climb single pitch? or multi pitch routes? First one obviously requires some pulling strength.

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