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    Steve Freides

    I did a vertical bar DL for the first time at Denny’s a couple of weeks ago and liked the lift. I have this one at home, which came painted:

    Should I sand off the paint? Better, worse, or no different? Denny’s, which was bare metal, felt easier to grip. In the past, I’ve only used mine to attach to something else, never lifted it directly.

    Thanks in advance, folks.


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    Chad Ullom

    I”m not sure Steve, I don’t recall doing one painted. If you did sand it, you’d need to be thorough. I could see if there were remnants it may be really easy to grip and if you trained that then went to a meet, it could be harder.

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    Steve Freides

    Chad, thank you for your reply. I’ll go to the hardware store and get their recommendation for grades of sandpaper to use and give it a go. Al’s version here:

    looks to be half unpainted so I’ll duplicate that. Al, is that right? Half the length unpainted?

    And Al, if you’re reading along, if you offer a hip belt, I’ll be your first customer.

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    Steve, just FYI, mine is painted. I painted it to mark for the Thor’s hammer. It is slicker than snot. Going to get rid of that and just leave a line at the bottom to mark for Thor’s hammer.

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    Steve Freides

    I just noticed that the IronMind bar is 15″, so it’s too short for Thor’s Hammer. The vertical bar DL says a maximum of 18″, so I could use mine for that.

    @kcstrongman, I agree – the paint is kind of tough to hold onto. I’m now thinking about getting one of Al’s because I could try Thor’s Hammer that way. Hmmmm…

    While we’re talking about grip and finishes, Denny’s 2″ bar is pipe, and mine is the Apollon’s Axle, and I found his pipe easier to hold onto because the finish is just a little rougher.


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    Al Myers

    My opinion is a unpainted bare steel VB is easier to grip than a painted VB. Some really like the galvanized pipe VB’s, but I’ve never lifted well on them as they seem slicker to grip (even though they are slightly smaller in diameter at 1.9″).

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