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    Looks like a great World Championships. GReat job to Al and Denny for ther representing the USA and their high placings!

    I'm the lyrical Jesse James

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    Lance Foster

    I second what ET said. Great job!

    And, I have already added the 2019 date for IAWA Worlds to my Outlook calendar.

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    Al Myers

    It was a great World Championships. I’m working on a full report from my point of view for the website, so hopefully in a day or two will be up. However I’m really fighting the travel lag. For some reason it’s always super bad for me when I travel home. Going I don’t have any problems. This entire week I’ve been waking up at 3AM wide awake and can’t get back to sleep. So with nothing else to do at that time I go to the gym and train for 3 to 4 hours. Now add onto being sleepy all day I’m super sore all over as well!

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    Thom Van Vleck

    Great Job Al “Big Cat” Myers. Looked great! Thanks for the detailed report. Glad you could represent.

    Thom Van Vleck
    Jackson Weightlifting Club
    All-Round nice guy

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    Denny Habecker

    I had the same problem Al. It’s only the last few nights that I am finally able to sleep the whole night.

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    Ben Edwards

    Great write-up, Al! Congrats to you and Denny on great performances.

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