Frank’s First Time with the One Arm Deadlift

by Al Myers

Frank Ciavattone, at age 23, lifting 402 pounds in the One Arm Deadlift the first time he ever tried it.

You KNOW you are going to be good in the One Arm Deadlift when you lift over 400 pounds the first time you try it!  Well, that’s exactly what Frank Ciavattone did the first time he tried the One Arm Deadlift when he was 23 years old on December 15th, 1978.  This lift was part of the New England’s Strongest Man, which Frank went on to win (and again several times in subsequent years). Without a doubt, Frank has lifted over 400 pounds more times in USAWA competition than any other lifter and is the ONLY lifter to lift over 500 pounds in USAWA competition.  Frank’s personal record in competition is 562 pounds in the One Arm Deadlift set in 2005, which is the All-Time best in the USAWA.