Goerner Cancelled!

by Al Myers

I just got confirmation that Bill Clark has CANCELLED the Herman Goerner Deadlift Dozen plus One that was scheduled for this coming weekend.  Word came to me about this news from Joe Garcia.  I had made plans to attend, along with Rudy Bletscher, and we had notified Bill ahead of time about our intentions, but apparently two competitors is not enough to open the gym for!  I don’t really blame Bill for cancelling this meet at the last minute, as I understand his frustration in not having (or having low numbers of) lifters show up for his gym meets.  After a while it makes you discouraged when you go to all the work of planning a competition only to have no one show their appreciation by attending.

The Goerner Deadlift is one of the longest established meets in the the USAWA.  Bill Clark first promoted it in 1995 in his gym, and the meet was won that first year by longtime USAWA member Dale Friesz.  Since then it has been won 3 times by Rex Monahan and myself, and twice by Mike McBride and Kevin Fulton.  It has been cancelled once before, in 2007, due to ice.