Got a great idea?

by Al Myers

After sharing my idea of Hanging Dumbbell Presses, I was wondering if anyone else had ideas like this??  I know someone else has to have some “secret training idea or tip” that may benefit another lifter.  Hey – we are all here to share!!! Don’t keep those secrets to yourself!  So I’m going to stage a little competition to get those secrets out.  All you need to do is submit a story on your idea and how it benefits your training.  This doesn’t have to be about some unique piece of equipment – it may just be a training idea or a training tip.  The more original the better.  I will then run these stories in the USAWA Daily News here on the website  and after all submitted stories are ran, leave it up to USAWA membership to vote on the one they like best!!  You do not need to be a USAWA member to submit a story, but do in order to place a vote.  I will accept stories up till this coming Sunday night (January 30th) so I can have them ready for the website the next week.

Rules of the competition: Stories must be between 500-1000 words, and a picture must be submitted that goes with your story.  The DEADLINE for submitting a story is Sunday, January 30th. Please email them to me  at .

To spice up the competition a little, the winner will receive a set of my Hanging Dumbbell Handles!!