Grip Champs Reminder

by Al Myers

The BEST LIFTER AWARDS for the 2012 USAWA Grip Championships, held at the Dino Gym on Saturday, February 11th.

This upcoming weekend is the USAWA Grip Championships and the Dino Gym Record Day.  This gives you the opportunity to make two competitions in the same weekend!  Saturday will be the Grip Champs, and I have already received commitments from several lifters. It looks like it will be a big meet (if there is such a thing in the USAWA, LOL).  I expect at least 15 lifters.  Our USAWA Prez Denny “the LIFTING LIAR”  Habecker is going to make an appearance again this year.  Believe it or not, but Thom “BIG T” Van Vleck is going to compete as well!  Newcomer Jarrod Fobes from Denver is going to make his first appearance at the Dino Gym.  Several others are “committed” as well (in the Dino Gym Asylum that is) – Murdo, The Champ, Ross the Boss, the Professor, the Barn,  and BIG POPPA..   All weight divisions & age groups will be contested individually, as is the custom of Championship competitions within the USAWA.  But to add “icing on the cake”  I have made some special awards for the BEST LIFTERS.  I have decided to give awards to the top three best lifters in the Senior Division (20-39 age group), Masters 1 (40-59 age group), and Masters 2 (60+ age group).  The awards given will be a Dumbbell Walk handle, a 2″ Vertical Bar, and a Dinnie Lift Ring with pin loader.  What better awards than this????  You may win an award that you can take home to train with.  I plan to make this lifters choice – top lifter gets first choice of these three things, second lifter gets choice of the two remaining items, and the third best lifter gets whats left.  Of course, if you want to do some trading with the other division winners that is acceptable!

The IAWA(UK) hosted their grip meet last weekend, directed by my English nemesis, Mark “HAYSTACK” Haydock.  They ended up having 18  lifters enter.  Let’s show the English and Scots  that we can do better than that!