Hall Of Fame

The highest honor in the USAWA is to be inducted into the Hall of Fame. The following are the current  Hall of Fame Members. To be eligible for induction, a person must make significant contributions in the leadership, support or promotion of the USAWA or achieve outstanding success as a competitor at the National or World level. Biographies  for some Hall of Fame Members are located in past Daily News Blogs.

Class of 2016

Al Myers
Chad Ullom

Class of 2012

Bob Geib

Class of 2010

Scott Schmidt

Class of 2003

Bill DiCioccio

Class of 2002

Dale Friesz

Class of 2001

Rex Monahan

Class of 2000

Bob Hirsh

Class of 1999

Bill Clark
John McKean

Class of 1997

Denny Habecker
Joe Garcia
Dennis Mitchell
Chris Waterman
Deanna Springs

Class of 1996

Frank Ciavattone
Joe Ciavattone
Jim Malloy
John Vernacchio

Class of 1993

John Grimek
Art Montini
Howard Prechtel
Noi Phumchaona
Steve Schmidt
Ed Zercher