Heavy Lift Nationals Reminder

by Al Myers

The deadline for entry into the 2011 USAWA Heavy Lift Nationals is approaching.  The deadline is May 7th.  There will be no late entries accepted.  This is stated FIRMLY on the entry form, but I just want to remind everyone of this since most of the USAWA meets do not have entry deadlines.  The reason for this deadline is that  administrative decisions will be made based on the number of entrants.  This meet will be different than most of the past USAWA meets in that we have only a set amount of time to get the meet finished.   We can NOT run past this time limit because it would interfere with the other functions planned at York Barbell that day.  Also, awards will be made up based on the number of entrants – thus another reason for the meet deadline.  

Even if you don’t plan to compete in this meet, try to make it there that day.  In the afternoon (from 2-6) we will have a spot in the gym to set up a display table and perform lifts for records or exhibition.  There is no entry to participate in this – just show up.  It will give us a great opportunity to talk to people coming through the York Show about All-Round lifting and the USAWA.   See everyone in York on May 21st!!