Highlights of IAWA Meeting

by Steve Gardner

IAWA World Council Meeting – Friday 18th November – Perth, Australia

Confirmation of the 2012 IAWA International Events:
World A/R Champs – Sat/Sun 6th/7th Oct – Salina, Kansas, USA – Promoters: Al Myers and Chad Ullom
Gold Cup World Record Breakers – Sat 3rd Nov – Castlemilk, Scotland – Promoter: Andy Tomlin

Confirmation of the 2013 IAWA International Events:
IAWA World Championships – Accrington, England – Promoter: Mark Haydock
IAWA Gold Cup – Lebanon, PA, USA – Promoter: Denny Habecker

Acceptance of a new lift: A new lift in the Rule Book is E37 Power Row

Ammendment to an IAWA Lift: The following sentance was added to B 35 Bench Press Feet in the Air:
No extra support bench or similar equipment can be used for extra leg support.

If you wish to have the updated IAWA(UK) Rule Book as of November 2011 including these changes,
please contact Steve Gardner: steve-g@powerful.co.uk

Information on the 2012 World Championships Lifts from Al Myers and Chad Ullom:
Lifts Day One: Reverse Curl / 1H C+Jerk BBell / Pullover and Press / Steinborn
Lifts Day Two: 2 H Snatch 2″ Bar / 1 H Hacklift / Straddle Deadlift